The Horizontal Scroll Interface
Fabian Frey

The approach is really different from the traditional one and I love to do experiments but few points I would like to highlight here which I found in my work and usability tests on various projects.

  1. Vertical scroll is the easiest gesture in touch panels where the screen is vertical.
  2. If the content is in a sequence like a facebook post with some kind of timestamp on it or in steps can be a problem for example on one screen there will be 2 steps and on another may be 1 only and to avoid that we have to place 1 step in screen which will increase some extra steps to reach till very last step & in facebook posts where you can not control the length of the content will make it really more difficult.
  3. People don't like to scroll horizontally, I found out in some of my Usability tests on an e-commerce app. people were just scrolling max 5 times where on vertical scroll this number was much higher.
  4. It's tough to create an experience against the natural behaviour and the example here is the navigation, screen width and reading pattern.

Key finding for me is “ horizontal scroll approach works in a controlled environment only with a certain type of content and users”