Announcing Javelin Venture Partners IV

OCTOBER 26, 2016

Friends and followers of Javelin,

We are excited to announce the launch of our fourth fund! As with our third fund, JVP-IV will invest $125M into technology start-ups with amazing teams, compelling businesses, and that certain magic that get our neurons firing. We’ve found that this fund size is our sweet spot, allowing us to pick from our favorite seed deals, Series A’s and even a few Series B’s. Of course, those labels have become virtually meaningless, so let’s just say that we like to get in when we see incredibly capable founders with unique ideas or business models, and then we do whatever we can to help them achieve success. Initial check sizes will range from $250K to $6M, with reserves for follow-ons.

Since founding Javelin in 2008, we’ve invested more than $350M across 65 companies. Our team has worked hard to be recognized by founders in our portfolio as consistently value-add and easy to work with. No drama, just practical guidance and empathy from former operators who have been in their shoes. Being ‘founder-friendly’ isn’t just a motto for us, it’s a pillar of our culture. We strive to exude that spirit from the first pitch, throughout the deal process, in board meetings, during the stress of fast growth, and even in the face of complicated decisions along the way. We’re at our best when helping companies, founders and their employees all succeed. Our philosophy is to be a true partner, as we help management teams build large, transformative and enduring businesses.

It has been 8 years since Javelin made its first investment. Our approach has never been to constrain ourselves with a predetermined thesis. We prefer to find those entrepreneurs who surprise and impress us with their unique vision and ability to attack a giant market or create a new one. We’ve invested in everything from marketplaces like Thumbtack, to enterprise software companies like Nexenta, to digital media companies like MasterClass, to fin-tech companies like SmartAsset, to consumer disruptors like “StealthCo” (you’re going to love this one!), and even a few category defining companies like Estimote. (See here for the whole list — except for the 5 stealth ones.) The variety of our portfolio is one of the things that make running this fund so fulfilling.

Speaking of our firm’s leadership, we’re also thrilled to report that Alex Gurevich has been promoted to Managing Director for JVP-IV. Alex has been an integral part of Javelin since joining in 2010. He is a big part of our founder-friendly culture and regardless of the new title, he has been a leader at Javelin since his first day six years ago. Congrats Alex!

Noah Doyle and Jed Katz

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