3 strategies that Coldplay is using to leverage fans on Social Media

Nearly a decade is the time I was waiting to attend to a concert of possibly my favourite band, with the exception of Oasis. For some reason, every time they would perform in my nearest location, something would not allow me to attend (being a poor student, part-time weekend jobs…) but the long wait has definitely been worth it!

You would agree that Coldplay are not just great musicians but also great performers. It is something that I inevitably saw at Wembley last week in their display of different themes throughout the concert. The band has been able to innovate and reinvent itself in the release of every album despite the critics might find them too commercially oriented these days. As a huge fan of Coldplay and Social Media enthusiast, I thought it would be interesting to share 3 points on how the band has been able to connect and leverage fans for their latest album release “A Head Full Of Dreams”.

Facebook page: Currently the band has over 39million fans on Facebook, which seems to me a good place to spread the news of a new album. In a very simple way, the band posted a few times a very mysterious theme creating awareness that “something” was coming. Consequently, they would post a very simple video in the London tube announcing the release of their new single. This strategy got fans already excited.

(Coldplay Facebook fan page)

Event promotion: The band used a very clever strategy to spread the word of their latest tour by creating Facebook events of all their tour dates around the world. Immediately, the fans would see this on their feeds and it would line up hundreds of thousands fans for a ticket and also sharing their excitement. Likewise, the band is very active on Snapchat and you can follow every single move on their tour and in case the fans missed anything the upload Snapchat stories on to Facebook. I would call this communication 24/7.

Concert Engagement: As mentioned before, the band has been able to reinvent itself throughout the years and so their shows have also evolved. They have been very creative making their fans engage during the shows. In their tour “A Head Full Of Dreams”, fans have received wristbands that lighted up remotely. The lights would be activated creating a uniquely beautiful atmosphere that makes a night to remember. Fans just hurry to grab their phones and record themselves to consequently upload it on Facebook. Likewise, the band picked Instagram videos from fans wishing to play their favourite songs.Personally, I would even recommend to non-fans to attend the show.

(Our wristbands at the Wembley´s concert)

Therefore, I think Coldplay is using the power of Social Media very effectively delighting fans with great content but also making them feel part of the story.