The Threat to Science No One Talks About
Joe Brewer

The greatest threat to modern science that we currently have in this world is passing off POLITICAL science as real physical science. C’mon, people, don’t you think if global warming was REAL science, then our “faith” in it wouldn’t be split along party lines? Or that “real scientific proof” for global warming — which actually uses the scientific method to prove our theories — would actually be actually published, instead of everybody quoting the voting results of certain scientists who “believe” global warming is real?

C’mon, really? We prove science nowadays with real science, don’t we? We don’t vote on it! “97% of smart scientists believe global warming is true!” That’s how we settle political elections — not sciences. Stop looking for numbers of people who say global warming is true — look for the hard-nosed proofs.

These “global warming amageddonists” need toshow us the money or shut up.

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