A Survival Guide for Containerizing your Infrastructure — Part 1: Why switch?
Austin Cooley

Really helpful & informative piece, Austin Cooley thanks so much for sharing! I’m not a devOps expert, rather I’m more on the business side of a start-up & have been involved in the venture community of supporting & guiding start-ups (& *this* what you have laid out here, as you know, is the business foundation ultimately, as it directly affects pricing of how you charge your own customers & impacts the business model/economics, etc) so I’m always looking for optimization in the architecture & cost effectiveness in utilization overall. This piece is helpful in so many ways. I tried to set-up an EC2 instance on AWS & found the process cumbersome, then adding Elastic File System to the mix. Again, this could be due in part to the fact Im not a devops expert but I believe the point is that these cloud platforms don’t necessarily require you to be an expert out of the gate. However, I look at these services from Google & AWS both from a micro & macro perspective 1) was it clear? 2) was it a clean process? 3) would I recommend it to my start-up community of peers out there? & 4) does the cost benefit incent me to switch? 5) do the developers have a preference & why? ie, is it even worth the hassle of switching if we’re talking roughly the same price? Unless we’re talking major feature functionality differences, ultimately soon enough all these services will be commoditized & it will come down to QoS & price. But I have to say I was really surprised at how much in cost savings you achieved. That’s significant! Congrats to you & I’m looking forward to reading your follow-on article to this one. Thanks again!