Jawna, thank you for reading! I’m glad you found it helpful.
Austin Cooley

Thanks Austin Cooley for your reply. That’s good stuff & very much appreciated! As you may already know or have experienced yourself, in the VC world we often meet & survey our portfolio company’s CIOs/CTOs/CDOs on what technologies & platforms they’re using & why. We do this to stay up on latest trends, see what they’re using & why & to be sure we’re providing the best resources & partnerships to our portfolio companies. I will research more re: the info you provided, it’s very helpful indeed. Thank you!

I read your article from the viewpoint of how an architectural refinement could impact the economics of a start-up or any size company as it impacts usage charges by the platform provider (AWS, GCP) to the start-up, so for me I saw this as not only a preference or fine tuning in architecting, but also the impact to a business’s operating costs. Thanks again for sharing! I really enjoyed your article & cant wait to see ‘Part 2'.