Blue Gold: World Water Wars

The prophetic documentary that opened my eyes.

We’re running out of water. The drinkable kind that we and all life needs to survive anyway. Living in California, we’re seeing people’s eyes being opened because of the drought. I’d had a vision of the world running out of water several years ago when I first saw what has become one of my all time favorite documentary film, Blue Gold.

I really enjoy watching documentaries, as it combines two of my favorite things: learning and movies. I've had several really great mind expanding experiences with documentaries. Blue Gold is definitely one of the ones that has effected me most.

I've forced quite a few friends and family members into watching it with me and nearly all of them enjoyed the experience and got something out of it. I really think that this film should be shown in schools.

Blue Gold: World Water Wars takes us around the world and tells us the story of water and what we humans are doing to effect it and our future. Pollution, privatization, dams, bottled water, deforestation and desertification are among the topics discussed in the film.

As depressing as the current picture is, the movie is also very inspiring and encouraging. It makes you want to spread the word, take action, and do your small part to better the world for ourselves and for future generations.

With people awakening to the realities of some of the major problems in the world, water is high up on that list and Blue Gold is absolutely worth a watch. It’s thought provoking and inspiring and had the power to be world changing.