Jason Somerville Leads Twitch Poker Surge

The second poker boom has arrived! At the forefront, Jason Sommerville leads a pack of poker streamers on the popular gaming website Twitch.

From $5 to $Millions

Jason is a veteran poker player who earned his stripes in the poker boom of 2003–2006 that was started by amateur Chris Moneymaker winning the World Series of Poker Main Event. Jason started his poker career by winning a freeroll tournament online for $5 and grinding that up to eventually win millions of dollars playing poker.

Jason’s story has been an exciting one to follow. His popularity has blown up recently due mostly to his super popular series Run It Up. Jason had made poker video before, but he really threw himself into the process of making a great, entertaining and educational show with Run It Up (RIU), which began as a $50 to $10,000 bankroll building challenge.

He started making the series on YouTube where he has built up a massive video library of over 300 videos. His YouTube channel has 26,000 subscribers at the time of writing. This channel is where the genesis of the community of poker enthusiasts called the Run It Up Legion or the RIU Warriors took place.

Since then, Jason has gained celebrity status in the poker and gaming communities. He has moved his primary media platform to Twitch where his loyal following has expanded exponentially.

Taking Over Twitch

Twitch is a video game community of broadcasters who live stream themselves playing games and their audiences. It was recently purchased by the e-commerce giant Amazon. The site’s popularity is growing seemingly by the second.

Jason live streaming on Twitch has brought attention to not only himself and Run It Up but to Twitch and poker. Since he began broadcasting on the site, the poker section of the site has gone from a few broadcasters to tons of streamers broadcasting poker nearly 24/7.

The world’s largest online poker site, PokerStars took note and has signed Jason to one of their coveted PokerStars Pro positions. Along with that, they have started their own Twitch channel and a multitude of their world-famous professionals like Elky and Daniel Negreanu have started appearing on Twitch.

It appears that the second boom has begun and it’s an exciting time for poker fans and players. Having access to a plethora of amazing content from some of the best of the best in the game, live and interactive, all for free is stunning.

Jason didn’t do it all alone though. Other Twitch Poker pioneers helped build it to where it is today. Some of these broadcasters are Evan Jarvis (AKA Gripsed), Felix Schneiders and Jamie Staples. These players have put in a ton of work to make great content and build communities that are thriving. Thanks to their efforts, and of those like them, poker’s future is looking very bright.

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