Chilling & Sad: The Functional Illiteracy (VIDEO) of our 45th President; the Shame of GOP Leadership

A combustible combination of Chauncey Gardner and Lonesome Rhodes; the rise to prominence (and political power) of Donald J. Trump says more about the cynical complicity of his own party’s leadership, than it does about the sad personal qualities of the man himself.

As the American nation (and many foreign cities around the world) sees an outpouring of public demonstrations protesting policy decisions emanating from the White House, still in what would normally be called a “Honeymoon Period” after a presidential election; sane and rational people are wondering — in disbelief — at the scenes we are witnessing, both in our streets, and at ‘routine’ public appearances of Donald Trump, now signing countless Executive Orders which will gravely impact our nation and the entire world.

Much has been written about this man and his business empire, acquired with the help of an inherited family fortune, blessed with a life made easy by those his immense wealth has allowed him to hire (and fire) — to do his bidding and speak on his behalf. While it is increasingly clear that he suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder — a troubling mental condition that would normally sink the political prospects of any other person in our American body politic — he has ‘outperformed’ on the political stage, in an age where basic civic awareness and social communication skills of our populace has been challenged, but ironically degraded by modern digital technology,…when combined with an unquenchable human thirst for instant recognition and personal validation.

Where once, America was viewed as a shining example of a nation dedicated to the best ideals of nationhood — despite the many lapses in true freedom and equality throughout much of our early history — we are now being challenged on the world stage, to maintain that image in the face of a “face in the crowd” that many find frightening and threatening to our own security,…if not our sanity as a people. It is a well known face, and that fact itself has made this all the more problematic. It became known to us through the celebrity of “reality television” and not otherwise vetted in the more traditional, political manner borne of government service and public debate on the substance or relative merits of policy and social or economic issues.

Instructive, is this video from the David Pakman Show:

Sadly, and frighteningly, we now are confronted with an entire cadre of players (many of whom also have little-to-no governmental experience) thrust onto the stage, as appointees of and subordinates to Mr. Trump,…who is now the CEO of the wealthiest nation in the world and Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful military in history. A man who has acquired an ill-deserved reputation as a great negotiator and builder of impressive, yet egocentrically-crafted buildings and immense wealth,…despite his many ugly episodes of bankruptcy — both financial and moral.

Initially thought to be “unelectable” by those we counted on, to know such things and help shape civil debate towards electing a sane, competent leader, regardless of basic political ideology; he defied all the odds and all the justifiable ridicule for his brash, insulting ways — and he won a narrow (electoral) victory after a bitter, nasty campaign. He was castigated by all of his Republican primary opponents, as a buffoon. A brash billionaire of dubious personal repute and shady business practices. But he was a rebel with a cause: shake up the political landscape, and upend the established order of things that have been the hallmarks of American democracy,…sadly eroded over recent decades — to the detriment of many Middle Class Americans, fearful of their loss of economic power in a globalized, mechanized society.

The “complicity” I mentioned earlier redounds to, and indicts two people in particular: the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan; and the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell — two of the most powerful ‘institutional guardians’ of our democracy,…were it not for their shameless, cynical lust for power, and moment of opportunity to enact their draconian political agenda.

Once it became clear to them, that Mr. Trump had —through nativist fear and hatred of the traditional norms of civil behavior — captured the adoration (and blind obedience) of the very people their party hierarchy had long betrayed and abandoned, they seized on the chance to enhance their own political standing and raw power,…to control the levers of government for their own devious purposes, fully cognizant of the fact that they had — as their pliable ‘figurehead’ front man — a man with no real political ideology, and even less personal conviction or morals.

So now, we find ourselves in an (as yet) undeclared “constitutional crisis” of immense and frightening implications; a man installed as President, and a shadowy cadre of top advisers of questionable repute, Stephen K. Bannon and Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn; both of dubious sound mind. We are in the midst of still staffing a cabinet of secretaries, peopled by billionaires, Goldman Sachs executives, and political dilettantes who largely detest the departments they are about to head and the Federal Government they loathe.

To make matters worse, the new ‘Emperor With No Clothes’ has challenged and denigrated the very principal of three, separate-but-equal branches of government,…the ‘checks and balances’ designed by our Founding Fathers, as a guard against the tyranny of a king or dictator. True to form, Mr. Trump has used social media (Twitter) to insult a federal judge who has ruled against him in an important case; one which may well determine whether or not we remain an open society of due process and equal (religious) protection under the law, as enshrined in our Constitution and the result of our 240-years of democracy.

The question we must ask ourselves, and our fellow citizens, is: Do we let this stand, or do we resist and restore a sense of civil balance to our society…? Furthermore; Will we hold accountable, those leaders who failed to stop the tyranny in its infancy…? And finally; Can it wait until the next general election,…or do we demand a course correction now, through civil disobedience and outraged public protest by “We the People”…?