Donald Trump: Not. My. President.

Donald J. Trump — Not. My. President

I had no problem calling Richard Nixon my “President.” I had no problem calling Gerald Ford; Ronald Reagan; the George Bushes 41 & 43 my “President” — even though I may have disagreed with nearly everything they stood for.

But now, we find ourselves in uncharted territory, with a soon-to-be 45th American President who is grossly unqualified and temperamentally unsuited for this high office, to become the most powerful man on Earth.

A man who began his campaign, telling us he is a racist. And yet we allowed him to continue speaking,…and continued listening.

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” ~ Maya Angelou

A man who denigrated an entire religion, and then lied about their celebrating the 9/11 Attacks — in the ‘thousands’ — on rooftops in New Jersey. Still, we let him continue with little rebuke. Just as he has lied (without political consequence) about his predecessor’s birthright. Just as he denigrated America, as being a 3rd World Country that ‘only HE could save.’ Save, by creating “registries” for Muslims, and walls and “round-ups” for a people he labeled “rapists and criminals.”

A man who belittled a free press, while spreading “fake news” and blatant lies, becoming our first emotionally unhinged “social media” candidate, capitalizing on disinformation to deceive and further divide an already divided electorate.

A man who shamed and ridiculed women, for their looks and their intellect; While his hysterical minions cheered his misogyny, and the media rewarded him with more free air time.

A man who was caught boasting about sexually assaulting women, and then compounded his immoral crimes by publicly attacking those women who claimed to be his victims.

A man who mocked our POWs; the parents of our fallen; and the disabled,… while collecting for charity causes, without providing any of that money — until challenged — except on cheap mementos to his own vainglory.

A man who projected outward, calling his opponent “crooked” and labeling her a “criminal” — despite the absence of any indictment, or any conviction — while himself facing massive fraud charges,…just settled for $25-million, to compensate 6,000 victims of his scam “university.”

A man who promised to “Make America Great Again” — without ever presenting details as to HOW, and without either the practical ability, or an honest commitment to do so; refusing to even open up his own financial records, as his predecessors have routinely done. A man who knew his empty slogan fit quite neatly,…on a bright red baseball cap.

A man who praises tyrants and despots, while seeking to eviscerate our free media and all First Amendment political criticism and opposition to him in America.

A man who won a narrow electoral victory, yet lacks the humility to accept the fact of receiving 2-million LESS VOTES than his opponent. And a man who has begun staffing his cabinet and cadre of close advisers with racists, misogynists, neocons, and largely — failed incompetents, or those who also have NO GOVERNING EXPERIENCE.

A man whose reign now threatens ALL of our 240-years of democratic traditions and longstanding presidential protocols and transparency. And yet, there are some who declare — hopefully — “ Give him a chance.”

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke

Alas; I cannot celebrate this man, nor otherwise legitimize him by calling him my “President.” He is unworthy of both the title, and the normal respect that traditionally attaches itself to that high office. When he was declared as “elected” — the first thing I did, was to strike my own American Flag, and roll it up.

I will unfurl it, and display it once again,…only when this national nightmare of “presidential” racism; misogyny; and nativist hate is finally over, and our democracy is again under the able stewardship of a man (or a woman) who fully respects it. UNTIL THEN: Donald J. Trump is — Not. My. President.