How to more effectively manage your brand’s reputation

Reputation management — especially online — is crucial for tracking customer experiences and influencing consumers’ perception of your brand.

Do you know what people are saying about you across multiple social media platforms? Stepping into customers’ shoes can have a huge impact on your organization’s success.

Effective social media monitoring can help brand managers find relevant customer conversations and use them to gain accurate insight into how to connect with their target audience more effectively.

So, what should you look for in a good online reputation management (ORM) tool?

Getting down to basics

Online reputation monitoring means searching various online channels for conversations about your brand. Often, they reveal information to help you understand what your customers are saying about your products and services.

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The process can assist brand managers in building trust with their customers. Machine processing is used to sort and classify relevant brand content. Although it’s effective, it has certain drawbacks. For example, machines have difficulty recognizing instances of sarcasm, mixed languages or certain dialects.

Want to ensure accuracy? Combine software against human insights. Where algorithms might struggle, people are able to cut through the complexity of online conversations to provide greater clarity and understanding.

Why should you pay attention to ORM?

  • People use reviews to make purchasing decisions: Many consumers conduct extensive research before buying a product. In doing so, they often rely on online reviews. Favorable reviews increase trust; adverse reviews or comments can damage a brand’s reputation. ORM tools help you to track both.
  • Don’t discount magazines and TV: In addition to online and social media monitoring, you must pay close attention to how you’re being represented across print and broadcast channels. The best ORM tools combine both online and traditional media monitoring.
  • Going global : Does your target audience occupy multiple countries or continents? You must be able to track your brand’s reputation in various languages and jurisdictions.
  • What’s hot and what’s not: Online information moves extremely fast. The ability to engage in rapid online exchanges is important. Access to real-time monitoring capabilities, alerts and notifications can help you track numerous topics at once.

Online reputation monitoring can shed light on a campaign success, prevent crises from bubbling over and follow your brand’s social media engagement. A customizable ORM tool can be a great asset.

JP Kloppers is CEO of BrandsEye , a crowd-integrated media analytics and insights organization.

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