How to Powerfully Utilize Interactive Marketing and Explode Your Results

Interactive marketing is changing the way businesses attract their prospects and customers.

If you need more traffic to your website, social followers, higher engagement and most importantly more people in your sales funnels, it’s time to get a step up on your competition and learn how to shift from static content marketing to interactive marketing.

Internet marketing is no longer just about creating content, optimizing it for Google and sharing it out to social media.

While extremely important and you should be doing those things, the old static way of content marketing is quickly being replaced with a form of marketing that is highly engaging and very relational.

I refer to it as interactive marketing.

Interactive marketing is a powerful and engaging way to increase your influence online and create new opportunities to grow your business.

If you’re only internet marketing strategy is to create content and share it to social media then you are missing out an incredible growth potential that could lead to:

  • More traffic to your website and blog articles.
  • More opportunities for people to call your place of business, show-up, or fill out the online form.
  • Increase your social following.
  • Increase social media engagement and shares.
  • Build influence online and offline and become more sought after as a thought leader no matter your industry.

What is Interactive Marketing?

Interactive marketing is taking your static content and amplifying it at a personal level that is relevant, meaningful and packed with opportunities for people to engage with you.

Its purpose goes beyond creating landing and sales pages, blog articles, eBooks, free downloads, and social media posts.

It’s content that is specifically designed and created to maximize interaction that ultimately leads to a relationship that has purpose and intention.

Let’s be honest for a moment, no one wants to read content if:

  • It’s not worth reading to them
  • It’s not relevant to them
  • They don’t feel they develop a connection with you

Think about it for a moment.

Why do you read your favorite blogs, news outlets or authors books with each publication over-and-over again?

It’s because all three points hit home with you.

How can you accomplish creating content that is worth reading, relevant and deeply connects?

You got it, it’s through creating content that is interactive.

Interactive marketing is that process whereby you are creating raving fans who not only embrace your message, they carry it with them.

They spread your message both online and offline.

They are a raving fan and raving fans don’t just buy from you… they are your ambassador.

They comment on your blog posts, they share your message on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or wherever they hang out.

By creating interactive marketing opportunities you are creating a process whereby people can become your most loyal customers and brand advocates.

Let me show you both online and offline how you can create an interactive marketing opportunity that leads to a raving fan both online and offline.

Online Interactive Marketing

Interactive marketing takes work… you will have to take the time to engage people and build relationships. That will mean some hit and miss because not everyone has the mindset, skill set or desire to put in the effort.

There are many who just want to put content out there and hope for the best.

If you’re reading this article, you already know that your best static content isn’t good enough.

Let’s focus on complimenting it interactively.

Step 1 — Engage on Other Sites with Influencers, Businesses and Their Readers

Here is where it gets interesting… for this to work you will have to get online and read other blogs that are of interest and relevance to you. Perhaps they are potential customers or clients that you want to target or they could be influencers who serve the same audience you do but in a different way (They make great referral partners if you develop the relationship the right way).

Be sure to leave a well thought out comment on their site and share it to your social media pages.

Step 2 — Create Your Own Blog Articles

Create a blog article that is relevant, unique and inspiring to your audience. (Click here and visit the Begin Here page if you want more information).

But don’t just write an article that’s a “how to” piece. Those aren’t engaging and there are a dime a dozen of them out there.

Create content that asks your readers to think and provides them an opportunity to learn something from another viewpoint. Ask questions and perhaps even ask them to leave a comment in the comment section of the article if they have a question (Notice how I always encourage comments at the end of each article).

Step 3 — Include Other Bloggers in Your Articles

Remember step 1?

If the content creators you are following and commenting on have written an article or said something that can enhance your article by quoting them, then include a quote in your blog article and put a link to their site where you got the quote from.

Or, if it makes sense to include them with a link (like I’ve done below) then absolutely do so.

Step 4 — Share Your Article on Social Media

Always share your articles on your social media pages.

When you share to social media, be sure to tag them and note that you included them in your article.

Here is an example where I shared an article by Mark Schaefer on Facebook.

Here is another example where my content was shared on Facebook.

Step 5 — Always Say “Thank You”

The key is to always, always, always follow-up with people when they share your content with a “thank you” when your posts are shared.

I love Twitter and over the last six months I’ve seen some explosive growth.

It’s predominantly because I personally interact with every tweet and re-tweet of my article with a personal thank you. Here is an example:

The driver of it all for me is interactive engagement!

Over time, what you will find is that people will start seeing you as a relevant source of information and they will become fans who buy what you have to sell.

This led me to opportunities to contribute to SEMrush’s blog and podcast in 2015, Huffington Post, and Business2Community.

Recently, I’ve been invited to contribute to the following sites that I’m working on articles right now for:

Here are a few recent examples in 2016 of where I’ve been included in articles and notice that I always leave a comment thanking them if comments available (Over the last two years there have been hundreds which is way too much to include):

Ana Hoffman at

Will Blunt on

Yusuff Busayo on Huffington Post

Ryan Biddulph on Huffington Post

Matthew Kaboomis Loomis on

Kim George at

Peter Beckham on Enstine Muki’s on his highly popular blog

Ingeniosity recently included me in their blog

Online interactive marketing creates opportunities to grow your web presence, increase engagement, get lots of social followers and shares and ultimately drive more business through raving fans.

But what about offline?

Is there a way to create interactive marketing opportunities there as well?

Offline Interactive Marketing

Do you go to offline events, conferences, networking meetings in hopes of meeting one person who might buy from you?

What if I told you that it’s possible to get a 30% or more conversion rate in a meeting where no one knows you?

Yes, it’s possible and I’ve done it and do it often.

Here is how…

Don’t just go to a meeting, talk for a few minutes with someone about something they don’t care about, offer them a freebie for a business card and then start calling and emailing them for business.

Instead, bring them online immediately and provide them with incredible value.

While with them take a picture and / or shoot a video and spotlight their business with them (like a short interview) and then share it in your website / blog.

After you’ve created the content, send them a follow-up email (include a link to a short video if possible) with a link to the content and be sure to tag them on social media.

You’ll impress them and you’ll be giving them a reason to want to start the process with you without feeling like you’re just pushing a sale.

Create value and do something that 95% of your competitors will never take the time to do or don’t have the ability to do. It will change your business forever!

Want an example… Here is a link to two articles as real examples:

How To Build a Valuable Website that is Profitable

How To Build an Amazing Business Through Networking That Really Works!

In addition, last year I was in need of a car battery and went to the local Interstate Battery store where I got amazing service from the franchise owner. I wrote an article about the experience on my blog and then corporate included it in their blog. This exposed me to a massive amount of franchise owners as a result and a lot of new business.

Summing It All Up

If you’re already creating content, optimizing it, and sharing it that’s awesome.

Keep doing that!

But add one more component to your content and make it interactive.

I’ve tried to show you in this article just a few ways that I interact and engage with my readers and those I either want to do business or build a referral relationship with.

If you take the time to create relevant, meaningful and inspiring content that is designed to be interactive it will inspire:

  • More traffic and page views
  • More comments and engagement
  • More social shares
  • More social followers
  • An increase in business

Interactive marketing is a change in focus and mindset from the last ten years where content was created for the purpose of consumption, marketing and sales.

There is plenty to consume today with the vast amount of information and content that is being created on a daily basis and there is certainly a lot to buy.

What there is little of is content that is designed to be interactive that leads to a relationship that translates into either sales or referrals.

Some other ways of interactive marketing may include adding polls to your content or multimedia like videos or podcasts.

What ideas do you have or what takeaways did you get from the article? Leave a comment below and share with me.

Those who interact and create content worthy of being interactive with are the ones who will win big over the coming months and years.

Are you ready to make the shift from static online information to engaging, interactive opportunities?

The key is to understand what business you’re “really” in.

Learn more on the Begin Here page of my website on how to discover the business you’re really in and how to hone your message in a dynamic way that invites interactive marketing and engagement.

Originally published at on September 21, 2016.