Why I give up Axure and finally choose Mockplus ?

As we all know, high buildings rise from the flat ground with a solid foundation. Taking to the field of design, it still makes sense. Then, what is the foundation of a good design work? Undoubtedly, it is the prototyping. I believe, every designer must know the importance of a prototyping design to his/her final design work. However, not every one of them will do the job because of a number of excuses. Someone may complain that the time for launching a project is too limited to finish a prototyping; Someone takes it for granted that he/she can accomplish their brilliant design work without a prototype just basing on their past experiences; Someone even is too confident that he/she thinks prototyping is just a waste of time and start to develop their design from the very beginning without proofing that if their design really works. Actually, they all ignore the significant role prototype plays in the whole processes of a smart design work.

As a matter of fact, it doesn’t take much time to create a prototyping design if you use a right tool. To me, a new one I just find recently is the very right tool I was looking for a long time. Yes, it is Mockplus!

Before coming into contact with Mockplus, I mainly made my prototypes by Axure. However, as many of you may know that I always need to spend a lot of time on it. I acknowledge that Axure is definitely powerful with a heavy set of amazing functionalities. While, in fact, many of them to me are useless. This to some degree limits the user experience of Axure.

However, I was shocked by its simplicity and powerful functions when I first came across Mockplus.


Mockplus is free of training, coding as well as programming with a drag and drop option. Even for a designer or developer who knows coding very well, such a feature will also save you from worrying about codes getting messed up somewhere and going through each line one by one just to find where that errant code is. With its drag and drop option, it is easy to see where each component goes. Moreover, this option allows you to link pages and build interactive ones effortlessly. These also mean that even a freshman can create a prototype with little or no training at all.


Mockplus developers are able to accomplish to put these two features together. In terms of power, Mockplus is an all-in-one tool which allows you to create not only mobile apps, but web and desktop apps as well. This also lets you save money since you don’t have to use other tools to accomplish each purpose.


It is quite impressive that Mockplus could support the preview of your design work on your real mobile phone. When you finish your prototypes, just by two clicks and one scanning the generated QR code on your desktop screen, you will review your design work on your phone. Of course, please make sure that your computer and phone are connected under the same LAN and on the same network segment.

Mockplus has a large set of pre-built components, icons and customized templates. You can find what you want in these libraries. It is quite enough for you to make a prototype. Besides, the Mockplus team are keeping updating these libraries to meet the demands of designers from different countries and backgrounds.

The good news from this team is that they plan to launch their new 2.1 version app next month. The new version is said that more powerful dynamic functionalities will be added such as window pops, slider images, context switching, rolling interfaces, etc..


Where to find a simple yet powerful design tool at such a reasonable cost? Such a sunrise startup company which keeps moving forward all the time deserves all your attention and interest. They have made a huge success in mainland China and get widely praise from all of its Chinese users. Now in the international community, I believe they will definitely find their place here sooner or later.