Moment to Act, Time for Upgrade

Time for upgrade your skills!
One cannot reach the real point of factual knowledge without being helped by the right person who is already established in that knowledge.”…… Lord Krishna says to Arjuna.

We need to find our own way; no one can find a solution for our problem, nor can we ignore it. Don’t get bogged down by the layoffs, job cuts in IT, slow down in the economy, they are not under our control.

It is time to get knowledge and upgrade our skills, to sustain and progress in life and career, to have peace of mind and enjoy the blissfulness of the DIVINE ENERGY.

Each of us is allotted a limited amount of time on earth. During this time we have a unique opportunity to investigate the purpose for which we were born. In this limited time, the emerging opportunity, the next IT, is IOT (Internet Of Things), where the entire conglomerates are investing heavily in IOT R&D. Prediction from top global market research firms confirms, in next 3 years, one of the economic growths is in IOT, worldwide.

Don’t miss the wave; get connected with things that are connecting people and their lives. The search for unity resonates with the theory of everything in theoretical physics, which began with Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. Take charge of your future, upgrade yourself in the present, nature will support you. Past had internet connecting people, and in the present internet is connecting things of and for people.