IT downfall or Dawn of hope?

Recently, we read in the newspaper that, some thousand employees are asked to leave! Most of them even not aware of this day is going to come in their life, for being a permanent employee for years with renowned IT –MNC.

This is unquestionably a storm but not like Tsunami, it has been piling up day by day, incidence by incidence, one day it became destabilised totally which let fall its outer wall down. Which clearly means, there will be much to happen in future!

A proficient IT bloke with a good amount of experience, keeps himself updated with cutting-edge expertise, frequently travels abroad for client meet-ups, works more than 12 hours as if when required — asks a question today, how I missed the boat?

Actually, no one can give a satisfactory reply to this however, one must think what is if it digs deeper? penetrating for an alternative could be the key to overcoming.

Successful IT businesses mainly run on its influence over software souk. This influence has been made of brains working on it –The innovators, the developers, engineers, software architects, quality assurance team everyone determines to build the technology which enables customers to work efficiently, in time & with accuracy.

The usability plays an important role, just providing better technology doesn’t leave your hands free, just as you can’t operate any new hardware without an operating manual.

If we look for any alternative to IT we must consider these facts.

There are some post IT divisions emerged prominently within last decades around the globe, Artificial Intelligence is one and popular of them.

Thanks to recent Google I/O event, where we learnt that Machine Learning can be incorporated in regular apps, alongside IoT ventures also showing its face to the world. This is not new, as actually ATMs are considered some of the first IoT objects, and went online as far back as 1974. As per — By 2020, a quarter of a billion vehicles will be connected to the Internet, giving us completely new possibilities for in-vehicle services and automated driving.

AI, IoT, Machine Learning could be the next heroes by trusting them on, we could win the battle. There are opportunities lined up, not as just in an employment but as an entrepreneur too. A Startup assembled after well- researched and analysis is worth a business run by two generations occasionally.. i.e. Facebook, Google.

A Consideration of a further career/mindset could be effortless, rather than broken up.

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