The rallies have definitely generated media coverage.
David Karpf

“Hillary’s rallies haven’t been covered.”

They were covered but not watched because

(a) they were boring and even her lapdog media knew you can’t broadcast crap that no one watches / changes the channel during the nightly “news”…

(b). Clinton’s MSM didn’t want to repeatedly show Bernie’s and BLM people interrrupting her

(c) MANY of her rallies were very sparsely unattend. Google image search“Hillary small crowds”.

(d) the only way coverage of her became interesting was after she almost stroked out at 9/11 memorial event…

49 odd weeks later’s worth of hindsight… all these “consultants” can babble on all they want about which social media and/ vs email worked best, the bottom line is she ran a terrible campaign, and enough Americans in swing states knew she was more risky as a decades-long corrupt disaster waiting to happen (a year of her and her fans screaming “Trump Russia” and we are finally getting to the truth about HER and Podesta and tens of millions in Russian money flowing to her “Foundation” and his “consulting”….) versus whatever Trump could or would do as the first non-politican, non-military President in decades.

She ran to be President. Trump ran to MAGA. Is / can he do it? Don’t know. But he was never bought and sold (or packaged) like she was, and and he never will be.

PS — anyone wanting a really brilliant expose of the campaign consultant BS should read Anne Coulter’s “In Trump We Trust”. She EVISCERATES the “professionals”.

PPS — #Lockrup

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