5 helpful referencing tools for students

One thing that no student can get away from is referencing. Referencing is needed for dissertations, essays and even for professional work. It can be quite a laborious and arduous task, especially if you left the task for the ‘final hour’.

How many can relate to this situation: It is, the final sentence has just been added to that paper that you were working on all week long. You are exhausted and very close to passing out. But it dawns on you. You haven’t referenced. Hunting down the sites that you visited, books that you read (most likely back on the bookshelf in the library). What a headache!

However, there are some apps around that make that time-consuming task easier for students:

  • Refme: from lists, citations and bibliographies, the free app takes the hassle out of referencing. It is as simple as copying and pasting (or manually entering) the URLs for pages used or searching for book/journal and articles on the app. The scanner feature on the app also allows you to scan barcodes of books and journals. The app is capable of producing different types of referencing in the formats such as Harvard, APA and MLA. After the reference list is collated, it can be emailed or exported to your document. Site:
  • EasyBib: was launched in 2001 and boasts of over 15 million users.The tool is very similar to Refme but contains many more options for citing sources. In fact, the website allows students/academics the 59 referencing options. From music, blogs, interviews to photographs the task becomes so much easier. Referencing a website is as simple as copying and pasting the URL into the search bar and clicking ‘cite it’. Most of the hard work is done for you. Site:
  • The Harvard Generator website (beta) allows users to reference and source in the Harvard Referencing Format. The site is very basic but is set up with the same concept as the RefMe app. However, as the name says it, the app is useful for referencing in the Harvard Style; don’t execpt anything more. Site:
  • Mendeley is a free desktop software for students and researchers, that helps search, read and organise research into a library. Site:
  • EndNote: is a tool for organizing, searching and creating bibliographies for academic work. The tool (is not free) is compatible on the iPad (EndNote app) and online (EndNote Web). Site: ,
  • citethisforme: is a tool in the form of a browser app and website that allows users to referenced books, websites, podcasts, online videos, even emails in various referencing formats. References that are gathered are placed in a list that can be easily copied or downloaded. Site:
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