Night (or Day) at the Museum

If you have a very busy lifestyle and can only dream of visiting the museums and galleries around London; then the British Museum has jus solved the problem for you. No pass is required for this 24 hour online Museum.


The British Museum, the UK’s most popular visitor attraction, in collaboration with Google and the Google Cultural Institute, has teamed up to use Google Street View technology to provide a virtual tour online.

The website gives the public access to over 4,500 items from different time periods in high definition. With a mouse click and a ‘zoom’ you are inches from the incredible artifacts (no glass cabinet); which almost feels as if you can reach out and touch them. Visitors online can stroll or scroll through the Museum’s four exhibition floors without the hassle of crowds. The virtual tour proves to be a perfect teaching tool for teachers around the world. Students can get a deeper glimpse into history and cultures from the clay statue of Sarvabuddhadaki in Asia to the famous Rosetta Stone in Africa in 196BC.

A popular collection at the British Museum is the Chinese Admonitions Scroll which dates back to the 6th Century. However, due to its fragility it is only displayed a few times a year. This problem is somewhat solved as it can be viewed at the online Museum (except for those who prefer to view in person).

The site employs the use of colour, sound and movement. The Musem of the World section allows users to click on items along the timeline, find out more information, view high-resolution images, audio clips and greater details on the history of the object selected.

If you live somewhere else in the world, the online Museum experience is an awesome way to explore history up close, but it truly doesn’t substitute for an actual visit.

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