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Jay Brandenburg-Nau
Jun 24 · 2 min read

Clients come to Jay Brandenburg-Nau because of his one-of-a-kind devotion and his wide understanding of individual and group counseling. As a professional therapist, he has spent over a decade giving patients a new outlook on life by utilizing a range of counseling styles and encouragement.

“People don’t know where to look to find help for their relationships, and I’m glad to provide them with new habits and a path to follow,” says Jay Brandenburg-Nau. “Marital counseling sounds intimidating to a lot of couples, which is why professional therapists get to know their clients first to discover the best means of helping them.”

Often times, waiting to seek out professional help for a struggling relationship makes it harder for the couple to get back on track. As soon as couples recognize there is a problem and admit it to one another is the perfect time for intervention from a skilled therapist like Jay Brandenburg-Nau.

The reasons couples choose to approach a marital counselor vary from case to case. Many times, couples feel like their communication has become poor, that one or both are harboring secrets that cause them to withhold affection, or that money or familial situations have become more strenuous than ever. Whatever the cause, counselors can shine an objective light on the situation and give a safe place for couples to express their wishes, fears, and thoughts.

“Many times, counselors just provide an atmosphere outside of the home that’s more conducive for expressing truths,” says Jay Brandenburg-Nau. “Couples feel comfortable enough talking with a counselor and with each other more so than they would in their own natural environments.”

Marital counseling sessions with professionals help couples change how they see their relationships, help them look at it from different objective perspectives, and grow together with mutual intentions. Many techniques are explored which can eventually remove emotional avoidance, modify poor behavior, improve communication between one another, and regain a lost spark.

Some of the typical questions asked by marital therapists will cover how each of the individuals deals with past experiences, whether there are any specific pain points, and what the structure of the relationship is like. From there, professionals will prompt the couple to deliver honest answers and open up to each other in a safe environment.

“Therapy helps build a bridge between two people,” says Jay Brandenburg-Nau. “It’s not a magical solution to all couples’ problems, but it provides a new perspective and a path to healthier communication where there maybe wasn’t one before.”

Originally published at https://jayaustinbrandenburgnau.com on June 24, 2019.

Jay Brandenburg-Nau

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Jay first realized that he wanted to be a therapist at the age of seven while listening to a mental health therapist on the radio.

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