Uniswap recently released its third version of the trading protocol, Uniswap V3. The new version comes with new pools and a series of additional features such as the ability to concentrate the liquidity you provide towards a more narrow price range. The potential advantage of this is the ability to provide more actual liquidity in probable price ranges with less funds, as the previous version of Uniswap automatically provided liquidity from everyone to the full range from 0 to infinity.

Now, launching a new version requires all trading pairs and accompanying pools to be recreated, and the liquidity previously provided…

The environmental impact of blockchain technology and particularly NFTs has been a hot button topic over the last couple of months. Environment conscious artists have come out alongside a multitude of people in online discussions expressing deep concern about potential harmful effects non-fungible token technology may have on the planet we all share.

Phantasma has always been focused on sustainability in everything we do, whether it concerns the creation of easy to use but powerful tools for our growing ecosystem, sound tokenomics guaranteeing the future of our blockchain or the carbon footprint of our efforts. …

Dear SOULdiers,

We are incredibly proud to announce that Specky is going to Hollywood! Phantasma has entered into a mutually beneficial long term growth partnership with Semkhor Networks, Inc.

Semkhor — the stars are aligned

Semkhor is a media and technology company focused on digital content production and distribution, and provides consulting services centered on integrating the entertainment industry into a wide range of content development projects. Focused on creating original content and providing clients with strategies to succeed in the media and entertainment industry, Semkhor brings together a top-tier talent network. …

Welcome to the Phantasma wallet tutorials. These tutorials will guide you step by step through basic wallet functionality as well as seamless cross chain asset swapping to ensure a smooth user experience using our wallet Poltergeist and Ecto.

Mind that if you do not have a Phantasma wallet or wallet address yet, we recommend starting out by downloading the wallet of your choice — Poltergeist for a standalone desktop wallet application that’s also available for Android, or our browser extension wallet Ecto which has that familiar Metamask feeling for Ethereum users.

For a quick guide on wallet creation, backing up…

The token economics (tokenomics) lay the foundation of every single blockchain and every blockchain project that deploys their own token. The token economics define the very usability of the coins or tokens, and the reasons — or lack thereof — why there is a demand for them. With poorly thought out tokenomics, no amount of usage and adoption will fundamentally impact demand for the tokens — they need sufficient utility.

With poorly thought out tokenomics, no amount of usage and adoption will fundamentally impact demand for the tokens — they need sufficient utility

At Phantasma, we love tokenomics. Tokenomics design…

The Phantasma blockchain, a custom built blockchain platform for NFTs, gaming and decentralized applications, is launching a new non-fungible token (NFT) auction feature on the NFT marketplace GhostMarket.io. In celebration producer, record label owner and hip-hop legend ILL Bill will kick off the launch with an exclusive music NFT release, titled: ILL Bill — Silk Road ft. Lord Goat (Produced by ILL Bill).

NFTs are taking the music industry by storm

Music NFTs are suddenly on everyone’s mind in the music industry — just ask ILL Bill. …

Dear artists, collectors and all other fellow SOULdiers out there,

Since GhostMarket launched their self minting service uMint, the fine gentlemen at GhostDevs have been working with our core chain developers to implement native NFT auctions at the core of Phantasma’s blockchain. Final tests have now passed, all lights are green — we are live!

A world of auctions at your fingertips!

Auctions introduce an exciting aspect to GhostMarket as there is just not the normal ‘highest bidder’ type of auctions available to drive excitement and price discovery for the creations being offered up for sale. …

Dear SOULdiers,

We are happy to announce that maintenance has concluded and the chain is humming like always — but even more robust and with even better tools available than before.

Swap, swapping, swapped

During this development sprint multiple enhancements have been implemented for cross chain swaps. This applies in part to a Phantasma-Ethereum related swap issue where a rather significant number of swaps would seem to get stuck for a while. …

Dear SOULdiers,

Dafi partners with Phantasma to offer Phantasma network-pegged synthetic tokens. For those new to synthetics, these are tokens pegged to the original asset, such as a dSOUL token pegged to the value of the original SOUL token. Dafi aims to solve issues related to inflation in decentralized economies through use of synthetic assets and distributed bounty mechanics with rolling pegs between synthetic and original assets.

Synthetic rolling pegged… what?

We realize that these concepts will be unfamiliar to many, and may appear utterly incomprehensible for some. However, it is possible to explain the concept in less complex terms.

Imagine that Phantasma planned to reward…

We are thrilled to announce that Phantasma has been listed on Staking Rewards — the leading data provider for staking and crypto-growth tools.

Trusted by token holders for their reliable and accurate insights on staking opportunities, we are delighted to be a part of Staking Rewards’ growing database and excited about the future of Phantasma’s staking economics.

Phantastic Staking Rewards

You can now view Phantasma’s profile on Staking Rewards to access the latest data and information on Phantasma’s staking economy.

  • Overview: Gain a deeper understanding of Phantasma by reading about what we do, who the core team comprises, and some of the important…


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