The Real Disenfranchised Women of the 2016 Election

This election season there will be over 27,000,000 beautiful women whose votes will not be counted. Their votes and their voices have been unjustly stolen away from them. These 27,000,000 women will not be spoken of by mainstream media, however their lost and stolen votes would undoubtedly change the ultimate outcome of this election.

If they had not been silenced, their lost and stolen votes would significantly alter the future direction of our country. And yet, nary a one of us will say anything about this grave injustice or shed a single tear for their plight. Nor will we make even one small attempt of a sterile effort to speak up for them to help their voices to be heard. Their votes are forever lost…their voices forever stolen…their lives forever aborted.

These are the true disenfranchised women of the 2016 election. Nevertheless, their blood still cries out from the graves where their lifeless bodies were discarded. They refuse to be silenced, they demand to have their voices heard, they beseech their sisters, brothers, mothers, and fathers to please remember them this year. And their silent cries for mercy still ring out reminding the guilty that their voices will not remain silenced forever.

And no less significant, are their 27,000,000 silenced brothers, whose voices are also crying out for justice and equality.

All 54,000,000 of them are pleading with you to please remember them and to help them make their voices heard in the voting booth this election…Choose Life!