This Page and Competitive Programming

As a first story, I think it is important to introduce myself and why I am writing. My name is Jalil Alchy, I am a recent grad and software engineer. During my time in University, I studied a lot but my school didn’t emphasize algorithms like some other schools do. After graduating, I began focusing on learning how to crack the coding interview and quickly I was rubbing shoulders with the world of competitive programming, yet I got a job and that was that… for a while.

Then about a month and a half ago I discovered HackerRank and I was addicted to the idea that any problem can be solved elegantly and quickly, if you think about it the right way. That is not to say I think my solutions are the most elegant or the quickest, but the passion I had for learning how to program more elegantly and quickly grew. Now I competitive program as a hobby and wanted an outlet to share my solutions to, and hence here we are!

Happy coding and reading!


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