Protecting and progressing services during COVID-19

Whether you’re in UX, innovation, or design, all your user research is remote research now. What are the best tools to engage with customers remotely?

Dogs, babies, and bass guitars: some of Nile’s diverse remote working setups. Photos: Lucy B, Jonty Fairless, Robyn Johnston and Neil Collman

The ongoing pandemic is changing the way people value and interact with products and services.

Think about a couple of examples. Sainsbury’s online grocery slot booking system used to offer convenience and predictability at a low cost. Now, that little widget is the thing that decides whether we get to eat tomorrow, or need to wait for a slot later in the week.

Or take WhatApp’s video call function as an example. My parents used it as a gimmicky way to do silly video calls with my infant sons. …

Jonty Fairless

Practicing principal at @NileHQ. 18% Nylon. Hand-wash only.

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