Increasing sales through Social Media Marketing can be accomplished using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, and YouTube. Social Media Marketing has become a high priority for the success of businesses and with ever-changing technology, it is definitely something needed by a business to survive.

Having a Facebook page for your company as well as a Fan page makes it more likely for others to find it. Now the level of organization and creativity put into the Facebook page and the Fan Page will determine how others perceive your company. It’s very important that you provide a detailed infromation about the company, contact information, and services or products offered. One of the cool new features of Facebook is the Like feature will give anyone looking at your page the opportunity to “Like” your page. If and when they “Like” your page, they will be making it visible to all of their Friends. Over time, if your Fan page becomes very popular, you will see an increase in sales from all the traffic be directed to it because of “Likes” it will be getting.

Twitter is another great social media platform that allows the user to tweet about the company’s products, or services as well as initiated special deals or links with coupons to possible buyers. Check-out this how twitter lets you see what others are saying about your brand and allows you to reply to them, acting as “customer service” to help them out with their situation. Whether it may be something that they couldn’t find in your store or if they had a bad experience, it allows the Company to get involved in hopes of resolving the matter.

YouTube is free video broadcasting website that allows anyone to create an account and upload videos and search other videos of interest. It has become a highly sought after platform in the video marketing segment of advertising. The success of your company with YouTube is dependent on how many subscribers you have or gain over a period of time as well as what type of ratings your videos are receiving. It is key to have a well design video about the company, maybe even about each individual product or service the company offers. Increasing the level of subscribers will give you a chance to have an increase in sales.

These are just some of the popular social media websites that can be used to generate traffic to your website to increase your products and/or services sales. Sure, setting up Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube may improve your sales, but why stop there.

from Bishop Hayes Catholic School

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