Finding My Creative Genius With Digital Marketing!

Online learning platforms can leave you with so much uncertainty. Let’s explore the best options.

Tired of sitting in that frigid cubicle looking at the clock to turn fast enough so you can justify another bathroom break to your boss? Or how about that boring job that you took after college to lead you to that promising career? Still waiting? Me too. You are not alone. I graduated with a business management degree (woohoo..NOT). I always wanted to work for cool companies like Google and Facebook, but let’s just say the competition was a tad bit too high and my school wasn’t “Ivy” enough.

When student debt comes to collect…

So what now?

Just like many others, I wanted to change the status quo. I wanted that “analyst” position, but didn’t want to be miserable. I stumbled upon Digital Marketing after doing a bit of research. It seemed vibrant, involved analysis tools, social media platforms, and presented creative challenges. Maybe I could finally start making money off of being on Facebook for countless hours. I researched a few firms close to where I live in Orlando. Their creative websites, Glassdoor reviews, and energy screamed UTOPIA. Take a look for yourself.

So I found the companies that I wanted to work for, but how would I get in? I needed a base. I needed to immerse myself in an organized digital marketing track, but where would I find such a thing? I looked everywhere, and the bulb finally lit up.

I finally came across Udacity’s Digital Marketing Nanodegree. As I researched further, I saw that it cost $1000. To an average joe, that is a month’s rent or even a mortgage payment. I needed to justify it. I researched their reputation, their corporate partners, and their program. Udacity was the only interactive platform that had personal mentorship to guide me along the way. Their Digital Marketing Nanodegree track was organized, had numerous hands-on projects. They also used the application Slack for students to have an open dialogue. Suddenly, I didn’t feel so alone. On top of all of that, they have career service options that help you land a job after you finish. I know online learning can be a daunting task, but it offers many benefits. Benefits include a flexible schedule, no travel expense, self-paced learning and much more. Its all in the pudding.

So here you are.

You know you have to make a change. You cant look at the clock from your cubicle or desk for one more minute. Take control of your life, and find what you really love to do. Take a chance, fall in love with a career that won’t have you looking at circles with spinning sticks. Maybe you’ll land the perfect job. It might be full of learning opportunities, great culture, good work-life balance, and time for more important things in life. Things like traveling, spending time with your family, and exploring the great outdoors.

Go get em, Tiger!

Digital Marketing Nanodegree- Udacity