Get to know Qatar’s basketball team captain Mohamed Hassan A Mohamed (Mizo Amin) and his stone-collecting habit.

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Athlete Mizo Amin ( Mohamed Hassan A Mohamed )

Mohamed Hassan A Mohamed known as Mizo Amin sat with us in an interview where he has let us in on his gemstone collecting habit. Mizo owns more than 100 pieces. The basketball player is passionate about the love of the basketball game and gemstones. So, we asked him to tell us about his some of his top favorite gemstones out of his collection and the benefits of each stone.

Turquoise — The Crystal of Heaven’s Bridge

Mizo spoke to us about the symbolism of Turquoise in many cultures around the world, the turquoise was believed to be a tool used in building a bridge between the earth and heaven. Turquoise is said to attract a lot of positivity such as in health, wealth and luck. The turquoise stone is said to allow its user to communicate with compassion, love and joy. For it promotes a positive mindset and gives you the confidence that everything will be alright.

Citrine — The Crystal of Solid Sunshine

The yellow quartz Citrine also named as the “solidified sunshine”. Mizo told us that Citrine just like its yellowish color it brings positive vibrations, lifts your spirits up, and lightens up your life. It is known to be the brightness stone which pushes away the darkness and misery from your life. It is believed to remove obstacles from your life allowing you to get closer to achieving your dreams.

Ruby — The Crystal of Ignited Passion

The player’s most favorite gemstone is the Ruby stone, described as the drop of the heart’s blood of Mother Earth in the East, this stone is suited for kings and queens. Ruby awakens your inner fire and encourages the solider in you to follow and pursue your dreams. It helps you express yourself, live life to the fullest and above all it helps you contribute to positively to humanity and keeps you motivated.

Peridot — The Crystal of Regeneration

Next is the Peridot stone, which Mizo referred to as the gemstone that is close to his heart. Peridot, is also known as Olivine, it is a crystal of self-construction that assists you to move on with your life. It helps you know yourself better and know your limits.

Green Tremolite — The Crystal of True Heart’s Desire

Next is Green Tremolite, it is a high vibration healing crystal which Mizo explained that it redeems one’s family concerns and makes you deal with matters with calmness. He went on and explained that Green Tremolite benefits also brings you stability, understanding and empathy to your relationships with others and with yourself.

Black Tourmaline — The Crystal of the Protected Path

The next gemstone is what Mizo described “precious”; it is called the Black Tourmaline. Black Tourmaline plays the role of your personal guardian through your life. It has a protective nature which removes troubles and dangers from your way, that could lead you to fall off track. Mizo said that what makes this gemstone special is that it allows you to always stay balanced mentally, as well as it allows you to positive self-discipline, which contributes to keeping you focused on what is truly meant for you.

Tiger’s Eye — The Crystal of Radiant Success

The player’s next favorite gemstone is the Tiger’s Eye. Mizo says that whenever he wears his ring with the golden sheen of the Tiger’s Eye everyone would shift eyes from his eyes to his fingers, it is what he called “super eye-catching beauty” and said he doesn’t mind the distraction. He said that whenever he wears this gemstone he doesn’t seem to get enough of its beauty. The Tiger’s Eye acts as a protective mirror deflecting harmful and undesirable energies away from you. At the same time, it lifts your spirit up and makes you feel powerful as it fills you with energy and thrive to success. Mizo advised us to wear this crystal in important meetings and schedules where we want to make an impact and shine.

Clear Quartz — The Master Crystal

Clear Quartz, known as the “universal crystal” as its name suggests it is one of the most easily found crystals around the world. According to Mizo this crystal is powerful because it links us humans with the earth and living things. Use Clear Quartz to bring you harmony and energy to your current life focus and enable you to embrace yourself and find balance within and around you.

Star Ruby — The Crystal of Great Love

Star Rubies are wonderful gemstones that display a six-ray star that shines like magic across the crystal surface. Mizo explained that the reason this gemstone is special is because of its star effect as it is very rare to have such an effect among rubies. He believes that these beautiful crystals are meant to attract unique individuals who have eyes and heart for art. When asked about the benefits of the Star Ruby, Mizo said that like Star Ruby shines it enables their users to shine through any circumstances and never lets the hardships dull the sparkle of their spirits.

Bloodstone — The Crystal of Compassionate Victory

As Mizo looked in deep thought while looking at this certain gemstone, we couldn’t help but ask him about it. The Bloodstone also called heliptrope is a dull green Chalcedony with red considerations of iron oxide or Red Jasper that look like spots of blood. Mizo went on to explain that there is a legend behind this gemstone that recounts to the story that this

precious stone was once just green, yet when Jesus was executed, his blood spilled upon the stone giving it the red sprinkles. This has permeated the gem with Christ’s vitality, giving the precious stone energies that energize mending, selflessness and strength against affliction. Bloodstone helps open your heart to everyone in your life even your opponents.

Athlete Mizo Amin ( Mohamed Hassan A Mohamed )

Aquamarine — The Crystal of the Waters

The Aquamarine gemstone, it is a crystal of gems such as Emerland and Morganite. Mizo described this gemstone as “dazzling and shiny” crystal which comes in a sparkling range of aquatic blue hues. When asked about its uses Mizo said that this gemstone creates an atmosphere of balancing energy in our lives.

Malachite — The Crystal of Embracing Paradise

Next is the Malachite, it is a crystal stone that is believed to bring a powerful inner transformation. It can help you manage your own thoughts, feelings, behaviors and responsibilities. Mizo said that Malachite also improves your eyes for art and makes you appreciate aesthetics more; Malachite also gives you the courage to go through any storm knowing it will lead you to the best road.

Lapis Lazuli — The Stone of the Ancient Egyptians Leaders

The next gemstone is what Mizo finds himself connected to the most. It is the Lapis Lazuli, it is the stones for the kings and queens, rulers and leaders. Mizo says that once you have decided to own a Lapis Lazuli you have made a choice to take control over your own life. According to Mizo this gemstone has its own knowledge, wisdom and direction and works as a guardian to your life by bringing everything together for your own good. It helps you see the bigger picture and helps you make the best decisions for your own.

Amethyst — The Crystal of Silent Wisdom

Next is the Amethyst, it is a crystal that appears in the best time when you need it in your life. It seems to appear when you start to realize that there is no need for you to compete with anyone else, and when you know that you are in a race of your own. Amethyst encourages you to live on your own pace, slow down and appreciate what else life has to offer you and make the best out of it. It teaches you wisdom, it helps you discover what truly matters and what makes you feel accomplished.

Black Obsidian — The Obsidian of Inner Power

Black Obsidian is one of Mizo’s favorite gemstones, he explained to us while holding the crystal that it is born through an explosion of a volcano, it comes from deep within the earth. The Black Obsidian promotes personal growth on all levels by helping you find inner peace and power. He then told us that the uses of this gemstone are mainly for protection.

Smokey Quartz — The Crystal of the Sacred Earth

Finally, the Smokey Quartz gemstone which Mizo said that it is known to be one of the most cultivating crystals. It connects you to nature. Allows you to sit down, pause from everything, relax and reflect on your actions and on the world. It allows you to feel good about yourself and your future. Smokey Quartz shifts your focus on the present and allows you to concentrate on your future and goals. It as well allows you to see the best not in only in nature but in the world.

Basketball Player “Mizo Amin” ( Mohamed Hassan A Mohamed )

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