The Voice of Golf’s New Generation

Every golfer should listen to the new Erik Lang Show

In the long tradition of commentary and conversation revolving around the game of golf, Erik Anders Lang offers a fresh and addictive approach. Lang is best known for hosting the popular online series called “Adventures in Golf”. His new podcast, The Erik Lang Show, is a perfect new pastime for the modern golfer.

Lang as the host is an attention capturing conversationalist. The cadence of his voice is perfectly tuned for the medium and his story telling ability delivers a stimulating effect on the senses.

Listening to an episode leaves you feeling like the upside of having one too many cups of coffee. The show perks you up and makes you want to talk to a friend about golf and how the game weaves in and out of real life.

Lang is a story teller and a creator at heart. That spirit comes through in his spoken words.

Golf is supposed to be fun and so are podcasts. Lang marries the game and the search for good times with his own layered past. The show is part diary and part interview, but it’s all golf at the core and always worth a listen.

Golf has a long standing reputation of being stuffy, expensive, and exclusive. Erik Anders Lang is the voice of a new generation of golf that is breaking down those stereotypes and repositioning golf for a new age.

The Erik Anders Lang Show is an adventure. It’s a road trip with the golf clubs in tow. Luckily for the listeners, Lang has a friend at every stop and a new story in every episode. Golf and humor belong together just like Lang’s show belongs with you as a listener.

The Erik Lang Show is available on ITunes. Be sure to start from the beginning and listen to Lang read you in on the secrets and stories of golf as he knows it.