If golf is a drug, then I was raised in an opium den. Havana Golf & Country Club is the social epicenter of the single stoplight town I grew up in. When I was young, I was convinced that this little nine-hole golf club was the center of the universe. Today, I know it was just the center of mine.

Havana Golf & Country Club was founded in the early 1960's as a place for the town’s farming citizens and working class to recreate. Routed over an old tobacco farm, the golf course is short, easy to walk, and built…

PGA Tour player Zac Blair smiles after teeing off at Sweetens Cove.

The PGA tour pro’s quest to build his dream course is gaining steam.

One of the most exciting golf clubs in America today has no course and no members. The club has followers and supporters around the globe and an online army of believers to match. I’m referring to The Buck Club which is the proposed golf club at the center of a vision being developed by PGA Tour professional Zac Blair.

Blair isn’t your average PGA Tour pro. He’s more known for his tweets on golf architecture than he is for his play and he has quite the devoted…

Take me back to Tennessee to that small course that has become a part of me.

I long for walks through the Sequatchie valley where the bunkers with boards increase the strokes that I tally.

Each time I play through this treasure trove I fall more in love with Sweetens Cove.

It’s hard to describe the feelings I’ve found when walking over this well-shaped ground.

The holes that live there are filled with thrills that are amplified by the surrounding hills.

Slowly rolling are the contours and slopes that shape my shots and lift my hopes.

The greens are wild…

Photos by Matt Cardis @golfinyourstate

Going down the social media rabbit hole to find golf’s newest venues for enjoying the game.

My truck was speeding around the curving streets of my neighborhood as I was rushing to get home before my wife. She didn’t need to know what I was up to and I didn’t really know how to tell her. I was about to take a leap into the deep end of a pool that is the world of golf on social media.

I got through the door to our red brick home and immediately opened my computer. I pulled out my well-worn credit…

December 20,1932 — October 10, 2018

James David Revell was best known as “Mr. Jimmy” to many of his friends, colleagues, and former students, but to his family he was always just “Pawpaw”. Jimmy Revell passed away in peace on October 10, 2018 surrounded by the love of those he loved most. He was many things in his life, the best may be that he was a husband and father, teacher and farmer, hunter and fisher, believer and friend. …

Carry your clubs and here them clang as one foot follows the other.

Walk the course with your eyes up searching for scenes to discover.

Feel the weight of the bag you tote filled with hope on your shoulder.

Leave the cart behind when you play knowing that you can be bolder.

Enjoy the time it takes as you tarry between each shot.

Look out and take the course in while you make a steady trot.

Admire the grass, wind, water, and earth as you stroll with sky above.

Carry your clubs, walk, and remember why golf is the game you love.

Through yonder fields I walk at dusk not knowing what I’ll find as I search my soul with swings and try to leave the day behind.

I play on into the evening in a constant pursuit of clarity arriving at that state of mind with ever increasing rarity.

I golf my way through summer nights that I pray will never end because it’s there upon those grassy fields where my spirit comes to mend.

Playing Seth Raynor’s mountain links overlooking Chattanooga, Tennessee.

On Lookout Mountain, you can see seven states from the vistas that have drawn visitors to its peaks for over a century. Those views are amplified from the tee boxes and greens of the Lookout Mountain Golf Club. The golf course is on a plateau that is perched on the side of a mountain that towers over Downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. The club is an enclave; there is no easy way to reach it and once you make it there it’s hard to leave.

The road to Lookout Mountain is long and winding…

Discovering golden age architecture on an Air Force Base in Florida.

Every Saturday at the Eglin Air Force base golf facility the silence of the morning is broken by the sound of bells being rung. It’s not a military drill or a church in the distance that signals the end to the stillness of the night, but a chorus of golfers making their way around the Eagle course. Over a dozen groups of military personnel both active and retired shuffle their feet through the dew amidst a shotgun start that consumes the old course and all its delightful architectural charms…

Leaving the world behind at a golf resort unlike any other.

I could wander the world for my entire existence and never find anywhere that looks like Streamsong. I’m quite convinced that the way in which the ground moves there is unlike anything else on earth. Streamsong is both a man-made scar upon the planet and a naturally beautiful setting for golf. It’s through that lens of yin and yang that I am continually captivated by this remote golf destination in Florida.

Streamsong is a golf resort that should not be. It’s location and its environment are unnaturally forced into…

Jay Revell

Golf scribe. Recovering Country Club President. Husband to Sarah & father to Winnie.

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