On the Millennial Strawvoter
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

As a retiree, I have great admiration for the younger people who made it possible for Bernie Sanders to deliver an inspiring counter-narrative to the discursive monoculture of ‘MSDNC’.

Those of us who are tired of the offerings of false hope from the DNC, and its affiliates in the non-profit industrial complex, need to take a lesson from the Christian Right: If you want political power and influence in order to make the changes you desire, your best bet is to start taking over a major political party, beginning at the local and state levels.

The Sanders campaign got this process underway; now it’s time to follow through on his promise.

Twenty years ago, we took over our local Democratic Party from corrupt and racist organized labor. Today, the elected officials that takeover generated are supporting American Indian governments fighting Wall Street, and the state Democratic Party we fought in the 1990s endorsed Sanders for President.

Things don’t change overnight, but if you build on previous efforts, you can create a more hopeful future. Millennials give me hope; all I can offer are reflections of what worked before, and hope they find something useful in that.

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