Journey of Man

Tribal heritage — including original languages, songs, dance and art — contain within them the stories of the journey of man. More than anything else, they are essential to what it means to be human.

Erosion of this identity through diaspora, industrialization and colonization has diminished our collective humanity. The recovery of this heritage in the Americas and elsewhere has begun to heal the historical cultural traumas, and indeed, formal tribal engagement with international institutions like the EU, UN and OAS, has demonstrated the benefit of formerly excluded traditional knowledge to the survival of humankind.

Even for Euro-Americans, discovering tribal heritage can be an enriching and enlightening experience. One which illustrates the importance of autonomy in such things as education and governance for ancient nations like Sami, Scotland, Pais Basque and Slovenia. Celebrating diversity in tribal heritage is the foundation of multiculturalism; mandating the homogeneity of industrialism is not only anathema to indigenous values, it is also suicidal.