Noble Champion Tribe

Translated from Irish, we are the noble champion tribe. Our specific lineage is signified by the Irish name for bear, indicating a strong and valiant people. Indeed, Irish stories — written and oral — account for this family distinction over the last thousand years.

Comparing our nEoghan Ua Niall heritage with that of Native Americans, we would be the tribe of Eoghan (noble), nation of Niall (champion), and clan of Ardh (bear). Our traditional homeland is located in the heart of Northern Ireland, historically centered in the town of Dungannon.

One of our most famous modern kin in County Tyrone (Tir Eoghan), is Bernadette Devlin, who organized with the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association and People’s Democracy in the 1960s, to fight for equality for indigenous Irish people within the militarily-occupied British colony. Her name in Irish, in fact, means “ferocious bear”.