Accept Credit When It’s Earned. Give Credit Where It’s Due.

Respect Yourself and Respect Others.

Last week, a few good friends of mine went on mini work vacation to do some business planning and goal setting for ourselves. We stayed in quaint and upcoming city, called Maricopa. While in the hotel, I had impromptu conversation with one of them about sales and how many deals they have closed since beginning to master his craft.

As he was giving the breakdown and his numbers, I was impressed… A deal here and there. There is for sure talent in this person… All was well.

There was mention of sales from his team. Great! His team is also making sales! He for sure knows how to lead others to take action… This is fantastic!

Then… it went down hill from there. Low-key boiled my blood a little bit, but I guess it’s a pet-peeve of mine because I have bad experiences dealing with this. He tried to take credit for their sales as well as his own… Not cool.

Despite an urge of being very, very direct (Strong vulgarity included), I responded as calmly as I could and give him my perspective that taking credit for someone else’s hard work is a bad look… It shows a disregard for everyone on your team but yourself.

If you’re trying to lead others and be a leader, then this is definitely not a good look.

Here’s the thing. Accept Credit When It’s Earned. Give Credit Where It’s Due. It’s really that simple.

Accept the credit when you know that you put in your best effort for a given outcome. You put in the work, so your credit has been earned.

More importantly, though, give credit where it’s due… If someone puts in their best effort for a given outcome, then give them the credit in public and in private.

Sure, you can say that you helped... But if you didn’t do the bulk of the work, give credit and don’t take it for yourself…

If you’re in business or leading people in some capacity, master the art of Accepting Credit When It’s Earned and Giving Credit Where It’s Due.

If you’re going to “lead” people, then really lead people with true integrity and compassion. You’re not the only person living on this planet…

Don’t be an asshole and try to take all the glory for yourself. Be a respectable person by respecting other people’s talents and recognizing them for it.

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