Trump is My Fault
Adam Kauder

Adam — I absolutely agree with you. For days after the election, I thought to myself “How did Clinton lose?” I read and heard various explanations about the white working class, various -isms, and the Electoral College (which really should be reformed or abolished), but it comes down to a choice:

Imagine that you are a member of the white working class. Your life is difficult. You, like so many Americans, are beset by economic uncertainty. Given the status quo, you know that you are doomed. However, you have another — albeit imperfect — choice. That choice, though shrouded in darkness, offers a glimmer of hope. Which are you going to choose? If you’re like any red-blooded American, you’re choosing hope; warts and all.

That’s the calculus that so many Trump voters made. They know neoliberalism isn’t working for them; so they voted for the least neoliberal option available. They may not have ever even heard the word, but they recognize neoliberalism when they see it. We need to give them another option if we all want “A Future to Believe In”

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