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Recognizing that I’m quite late in commenting, but I have some questions and comments regarding your piece. First, your passionate intensity for Clinton is appreciated. Like you, I also voted for her in the general, along with giving her time and money (Over $200).

That said, Sanders endorsed and campaigned for Clinton. In fact, even in July, 90 percent of Sanders supporters planned to back Hillary in the general (per Washington Post polling). Perhaps the problem isn’t die hard Bernie loyalists, but a growing rejection of the neoliberal consensus? Rightly or wrongly, Clinton came to be representative of the status quo. However, for voters from much of Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, or Pennsylvania, what good is that? Neoliberal globalization has kicked their rear ends for the past 30 years. Put yourself in their shoes. Why vote for more of that?

As much as it pains me to admit it, when I think about this election from that perspective, I can see Trump’s appeal. It was entirely based on emotion — both positive and negative. His slogan, “Make America Great Again”, is just vague enough for people to project whatever they want to onto it. If I had been losing for the past 30 years, and someone told me I could believe in myself and in something…isn’t that seductive? I can see why people would latch onto it despite his overtly negative rhetoric. Amazingly, he’s talking about restoring their dignity.

Of course, that’s where the con comes in. He’s not in it for anyone’s dignity. He’s only in it for his own enrichment.

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