DAY6: Android Development Learning Experience — My 2nd Android App!

Creating my first Android app was a lot of fun. In case you missed it, check out this blog post that I written about me building my first Android app. If it was quite a fun building my first Android app, there definitely has to be a second!

My second Android app is also following the tutorials taught by Ben Jakuben from Treehouse. The second Android app that I built is called Interactive Story- Signals From Mars. Remember when we were kids, when we have books that let us have 2 or more options to choose to explore more about a story? And different options lead us to different storyline. Well, if you can’t recall just think of any games that you have been playing, I’m sure you’ve came across games that allow players to select options that will lead them to somewhat different storyline.

Interactive Story- Signals From Mars.

This app has allowed me to explore more about programming in Android Studio. But the few key components that I took away from this course were:
1. MVC pattern in Android Development
2. Creating Activity and navigating between them

Signals From Mars

Main Screen..oops! I meant Activity

Second Activity screen. Whatever the user typed in the Main Activity, can be seen in this screen. Take a look at the last line, “Help me, Harry, you’re my only hope.”

The third Activity screen. This screen will depend on what the user has chosen in the second Activity screen. Choosing STOP AND INVESTIGATE will display a different screen as to choosing CONTINUE HOME TO EARTH

Anyway, if you would like to see how it actually works, check out the video below:

Till then, stay tune for Day 7!