I’ve been an iOS developer for a while now. Loved and still loving iOS development. My programming journey might be different from most developers. Instead of starting of with the popular “introductory” programming languages like Python, my first official programming language was Objective-C. Before learning Objective-C, I’ve been told much horror stories about it. Ugly syntax, square brackets and etc. It’s a different story from my end. Not having any official programming experience, I’ve never considered those stories to be a such a major stumbling block. In fact, I actually enjoyed it.

I truly enjoy being an iOS developer, and definitely would continue to hone my skills as one. Nonetheless, after doing iOS development for a while now, I have an inclination to try something new.

The biggest problem with trying or exploring something new is WHAT. What do I want to try and explore? After talking to a few people, reading stuff here and there, I decided that I would like to explore the world of Android.

I’ve seen dev bloggers that journalise their journey as a developer. I’ve never done this before, and would like to see how this goes.

The purpose of this blog is to highlight my learning experience about Android Development. I’m not sure where this would take me, but fingers cross, this blog would be a good incentive for me to keep learning.

Till then!

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