App is out! Head over to the play store!

It’s out! My first Android App

So I guess the title explains my hiatus for almost a month. I decided that I should be working towards a live product based on what I already have known so far. The reasons that led to that is simple:

1. It’s fun!
- Building something with the idea of just building is really enjoyable. There isn’t the usual pressure of delivering. No doubt, we would always want to craft the perfect product to showcase to others, but it’s so much more different than creating a product and meeting deadlines.
2. Hone skillset
- For those who had read my progress, you’ll see what I’ve done so far. It’s nothing too fancy, nothing sophisticated, but good enough as those elements are to be found in most Android apps. Hence, I decided, let’s put it to real use. The goal to create an Android app and shipping it out live allows me to grasp the knowledge that I had so far much more.
3. Learning more
- Building your own apps allows you to learn much more. Apart from putting what you already know to the test, you’ll start to think not just about the programming aspect but also the product that you’ll be shipping out. You’ll be thinking about what features to add to ensure your product can compete with the rest or stand out from the competition. You’ll be thinking about ways to program a feature. In short, you’ll learn.


Middle of last week, I successfully shipped out my first Android app. The app is called Gold Silver Price Now. I know…not the most creative name. But what lead to it is because of search results. It’s probably words that people will search when users are looking for such an app.

What does it do?
Clean design to aid users to glance for wanted info

It’s basically a free Android app for gold and silver investors. It provides users with the most updates/ LIVE gold and silver price by the second. Along with that, the app also provides some helpful charts. The design is really clean to allow user to have quick glances and obtain those important information.

If any of you are interested, please feel free to download the app and leave some feedback. Thank you!

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