“Wake up , time for school honey” said mom . “Ugh mom it’s to early in tired” said Diamond putting a pillow on her face .

“Diamond , your going to be to school come downstairs and eat breakfast” said mom screaming . “Okay I heard you mom” said Diamond running downstairs . “Today is a good day ! It’s your first day in this new school ! Your already in 10th grade your so big baby” said mom . “Ugh mom I’m 15 years old not 10" said Diamond . “Okay Honey get in the car I’m driving you to school so hurry up”. Said mom (Kayla)

“Mom I’m so nervous what if I get bullied like last time” ? Said Diamond shaking . “Honey your going to be fine , these kids are nice honey you’ll be just fine trust me baby” . “Oh god we are here” . Said Diamond .

“Go inside honey I’ll pick you up later” said mom. “Bye” said Diamond . Diamond Went Inside The Building Then Into Her Class . There Was This boy Staring at her . Everyone laughed but him . “Nice HeadBand You Got On Silly” said Amanda , everyone laughed .

“It’s looks beautiful” said Cameron . Diamond looked down and blushed . “Your beautiful , don’t pay attention to them” said Cameron holding her chin . “Thank you” said diamond in a low shy voice . “Can I please take you out on a date tonight” asked Cameron . Diamond blushed and smiled “I’ll take that as a yes , I’ll pick you up at 8" said Cameron walking away . 8 hours later -

“Mom , mom , mom , I got asked out on a date !” Said diamond jumping in the car

“Oh my god that is awesome I’m so proud of you baby” said Kayla . “Oh god I don’t know what to wear!” Said Diamond . (Ding Dong) “Mom Answer It” ! . Kayla opened the door and smiled . “GoodNight Ms.West” said Cameron Giving Kayla Flowers . “Why Thank You , Your So Sweet Nice To Meet You” . Diamond came down the stairs slowly as Cameron looked at her

“Wow. You look so amazing” said Cameron all frozen . Diamond laughed and said “let’s go” . “Bye you guys” said Kayla . “Hey you look so beautiful” said Cameron . “And you look handsome” said Diamond Smiling . “Shall We Sit Here” said Cameron , “sure” said diamond

They were having such a great time . They laughed together and had the best moments ever . “Your so funny Cameron” said diamond laughing so much

“Thank you” said Cameron laughing 😂 . 3 hours later — “I’m so tired” Cameron said . He rested his head on her shoulders

“Diamond I Love You” 😩. Said Cameron . “I Love You More” said Diamond Blushing ☺️

“Smile For The Camera” ! Said diamond

“No I love terrible there” said Cameron laughing . “No you look awesome seriously” said diamond hugging him 😏. “I had so much fun today babe” said Cameron . “So did I , so um see you in school tomorrow” ? Said diamond . “Yeah” said Cameron . He slowly grabbed her waist and pushed her body against his and kissed her . Diamond smiled and hugged him . “Goodnight” she said . “Bye princess” said Cameron walking away . — to be continued —

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