My Gear: As a Targeted Individual, here is the Shielding I wear

This article is for targeted individuals. If you are not one, but would like to know more about the phenomenon of private networks and governments using advanced technology to remotely harass, see Bigger than Snowden.

This article consists of the following sections:


#0- What I’m Shielding With Today (my full wearable shielding wardrobe)

#1- Head Shielding (defense against subliminal V2K, mental manipulation)

#2- Versatile Shielding (defense against DEW)

#3- Sleep Easy (defense against sleep disruption; building a small head tent to block frequencies and help sleep at night)

#4- Final Thoughts on Shielding

For those interested in Shielded Areas (work in progress), please see my article on how I’ve built and bought shielding areas for protection at home. These are enclosed areas that cover the entire area from harmful frequencies.


I’ll start this off by saying that too many TI’s do not use wearable shielding . — to their own detriment. This is akin to getting onto the battlefield in a war and refusing to wear body armor. I know being targeted can be overwhelming. However, too often we begin in “Panic” mode, exhaust ourselves, and then enter a mode of Resignation — to absorb whatever is thrown at us because the opposition is “too advanced” to halt. So you put your body out there to absorb every frequency they throw at you — and offer no resistance.

Take a beat. Many of us are in the foxhole with you; we are going through something similar even if we’re countries apart. Take a minute and recognize that even if we cannot stop those who engage in remote harassment, we can reduce the effects of their targeting. Their goal is to neutralize us, to cause us lethargy and pain, to deter us from talking about this phenomenon, to drive us mad or make us depressed, to retreat from activity, to be so tied up with our symptoms of pain and discomfort that all we can do is eke out a living.

So if you are targeted, if DEW is causing you sharp pain, or overtime weakening your muscles; if you get chest pains, V2K sounds or voices, general discomfort, organ pain, generalized fatigue, random eye discomfort, nausea, synthetic telepathy (commentary on what you’re doing- audible or subliminal), sped up heartbeat and all the other symptoms that these frequency weapons can cause, read on.

I have been targeted since 1999. I may be like some of you in that I spend a good portion of this time in a state of doubt about my condition. The technology was so far beyond what I could come to terms with, like many of you, I walked around defenseless- merely hoping it would go away. Over the last few years, I’ve decided to take my destiny into my own hands. I’ve tested dozens of anti-EMF and shielding products and will share with you what I use and what works for me.

I know many TI’s are jaded about shielding solutions because there is so much bad advice out there including non-scientific gimmicks. TI Shielding suggestions often come in laundry list form- maybe a list of shielding metals — which leaves the TI wondering- well how do I protect myself with these metals when I’m walking or outside my home? How is this list actionable? Or maybe you’ll see a suggestion to “wear magnets” but no solid scientific reason this should be a comprehensive solution to DEW. So TI’s are wary to try another suggestion. My recommendations are based on science and when you see them described, you’ll recognize why they work. They are not newfangled; most have been pre-tested in the medical industry for decades and proven to block relevant frequencies. Here is one testimonial from a TI who tried out my shielding suggestions:

“The lead vest and apron have been a lifesaver from painful DEW attacks and has prevented the out of control muscle cramps I would get through out my whole body.” — Carolina (targeted individual)

I should caveat my list by describing what my primary symptoms are:

  • I have been attacked with DEW in different body parts, most recently focusing on my forearms and calves.
  • I am hit with subliminal V2K. This is usually preceded by a feeling of pressure on my head that is unmistakably coming from an external source.
  • I am hit with microwave auditory attacks (“car alarm on steroids”, siren sound, light/faint high pitch sound as background noise — all artificial through microwave hearing)
  • Most of my targeting happens in the evenings — usually from 6 PM through morning the next day (in other words it continues as I sleep)

Without further adieu……

— My Gear —

Here is what I wear to reduce the effects of targeted individual attacks.

UPDATED NOVEMBER 6, 2018: I’ve made iterative improvements to my shielding regime since I first published this guide. So I will begin with a rundown of what I’m using now. My larger guide will follow after this rundown.

Section #0: What I’m Shielding With Today

This will cover wearable shielding; my emphasis is blocking DEW.

Rather than get into the gory details of how I evaluated decibel-level EMF shielding at various frequencies, and the scientific minutiae of the shielding properties of lead rubber, etc. — I want to share the list of what I know works so you can benefit from it right away. TI’s often suffer and have to read 200 pages of science in a book professing to help TI’s when they have an urgent need for protection now, not after reading a novel. (see my other Stories for why I made these decisions and I will add a Summary page on the science behind these shielding choices).

By Day (8 AM-11 PM)

  • Xenolite Tab Apron Lightweight Lead Vest: 3 lbs, black, fits under my shirt (isn’t seen). Can wear at home and when leave my condo. Covers chest, lungs, heart, organs; shields from DEW. Unlike the image below, I’ve requested it end at my waist (so I can wear it out of the home as well; cannot be seen under my shirt/sweater that’s over it). Cost: ~$120–160. (product link) . [Note: I replace this with a 9 lb full coverage Xenolite standard vest when targeting is high and/or I’m hit in the back]
  • Shield Headwear silver lined ballcap: prevents mental manipulation, subliminal V2k, artificial headaches, remote neural monitoring. (doesn’t prevent audible V2K, microwave auditory attacks). Cost: $45

Total cost of the first 2 above is ~$180. The sleeves will add another $130. The result is I can function in and out of my home. It blocks DEW zapping, erosion of muscles, that unpleasant overall body fatigue, artificial heart rate escalation, vibrations, chest pain, etc. And limits many mental interference.

At Night; when sleeping (11 PM-8 AM)

  • Xenolite Vest/Skirt: Different than the Xenolite Elastic Tab vest I wear by day, the main Xenolite Vest covers BOTH front and back (the elastic tab is a frontal apron only- which I use by day because it’s lighter). The skirt is a kind of lead-laden kilt. It will cover your mid-section, thighs. It provides coverage so electronic sexual harassment will be blocked. The Vest and Skirt will cover most of your body. (order Vest size one size larger than usual as it may be harder to breathe at night otherwise as vest presses against chest/lungs and diaphragm breathing muscle). Cost: ~$350
  • Additional XGuard Sleeves (mentioned above as well for forearm coverage): I modify the rubber sleeves meant for forearms to use to cover my shoulders and upper-arms. For how I do this, see this writeup I did on it. Cost: ~$130 (deprecated: InFab Revolution Sleeve (Rev-Slv2)- Infab’s sleeves are lighter than other shoulder sleeves on market; InFab uses a light lead alternative. I still think they were too heavy).
  • Occasional: LessEMF Silver blindfold (EyeShield). Sometimes I notice eye scarring the next morning from DEW. A normal blindfold won’t block. LessEMF’s EyeShield, made with silver, seems to work (though I am early into it). Cost: ~$30

With this set of shielding products, I am almost completely shielded from DEW when I sleep (the only uncovered areas are: face, neck, hands, feet). I have honed this list over months, trialing and error with dozens of products — many I rejected for not shielding well enough, others for being too heavy (cumbersome in a way that could complicate sleep). Heaviness was a big factor; Ie: would you have a good night’s sleep if you slept in football gear? (Would you be well rested the next morning? Your body is supposed to regenerate muscle tissue at night but is instead supporting tens of pounds overnight.)

My experience has been night and day after adopting shielding. DEW no longer is steadily wearing away my muscles, nor am I getting “zapped”. There is a long road to recovery and other dimensions of targeting to attend to- but these clothes have helped me turn the corner.

Shielding Guide

#1 — Headwear (head shielding)

Perpetrators of targeted harassment want to drive you crazy. They do this through Voice-to-Skull transmissions likely using microwave frequency- usually 1310MHz to 2982 MHz (although “Auditory response to transmitted frequencies from [as low as] 200 MHz to at least 3 GHz has been reported”). This is the range that Allan Frey in the 1960’s identified for microwave hearing. The way this works in simplified form: microwave frequency hits your face/head, it is absorbed by tissue in your head, which builds up acoustic pressure that travels and is processed by your inner ear as “sound”.

So to block this technology, whether it’s voices or noises (like siren sounds), you want to cover your head with something that blocks that frequency. It makes sense to start shielding your head to protect your sanity and peace of mind.

The headwear I show below will not entirely block microwave auditory attacks; it will dampen it some. It also seems to block emotional manipulation, thought insertion, artificial headaches, DEW pain on the head, and seems to reduce Remote Neural Monitoring.

(note: none of these links are affiliate links, nor do I get compensated for any of these recommendations)

1a — Shieldwear Headwear

(shields against subliminal V2K, emotional manipulation, thought insertion, remote neural monitoring, mind dulling (ie: lose focus, mind blanks). Note: does not block microwave auditory attacks; may reduce it some. Have not tested with audible V2K but do not believe it will block.)

I wear both their ballcap and beanie.

Shieldwear ballcap

Shieldwear beanie

OK, so how does this work? For the ballcap, Shield has a layer of silver between the fabric. It describes its shielding range as: 10 MHz-3GHz (you may note this covers the range of microwave hearing frequencies). I was skeptical this would work because the cap looks like an ordinary ballcap; I was concerned the thickness of the metal would be insufficient. However, it worked for me in blocking subliminal V2k.

When I felt that head pressure, I would wear the hat; and the pressure would go away (the subliminal V2K would not follow). Now I wear the hat everywhere, when “out and about” and at home. Its stylish and I’ve already gotten a few compliments on it (which wouldn’t happen with a tin-foil hat even if it provides shielding :) ). It also reduces the mind fog and memory loss you get from frequency barrage. And reduces the degree to which you sometimes feel like you’re in a daze. I no longer have projected images either.

Having said this, it does not block microwave noise attacks or V2K voices. In my experience, it seems to blunt some of the microwave auditory attack sounds, but does not stop them.

The beanie is similar (I believe silver is stitched into the fabric unlike the layered approach to the ballcap). I use the beanie when I’m laying down or sleeping. The beanie seems to work similarly to the ballcap (although I have more confidence in the cap). I prefer the beanie less because from experience I’ve found that wearable TI shielding works best when the shielding material (silver, in this case), does not touch the skin. It ideally should be separated from the body with non-conducting material like the Shield ballcap is.

Issues with Shield: the biggest disadvantage is Shield ships from Europe and takes a while to come to the US. Each costs ~$50.

Other things I tried for headwear (that didn’t work as well): (1) Wire mesh over temples of head (which Allan Frey claimed stopped microwave hearing) — does not work (I assume the technology used in 2010’s has advanced quite a bit since Frey’s work in the ‘60’s). (2) Aluminum foil under ballcap- seems to blunt some of the attacks, but not comprehensive- also ideally the shielding metal would not touch your head. (3) Non-shielding headwear (ie: plain ballcap) — does not work . (4) sheet lead- works but you have to manually position it, which is not sustainable.

Overall I recommend Shieldwear. It works (for me, at least). At $50, it is not an unreasonable cost. Everyone who sells this stuff will claim it is to block radiation from wifi, cell phones, etc. because otherwise they will risk ridicule from the usual “science deniers” whose ignorance of physics is used to deny the TI phenomenon. But rest assured the product seems to works just fine for TI’s as well.

1b — Bike Helmet with Sheet Lead

(works against: knockout/sleep attacks, painful head DEW, severe subliminal V2k; dulls microwave auditory attacks partially)

There are times when your targeting will be ratcheted up and the Shieldwear cap will be insufficient. Sometimes the attack comes in the form of “knock-out” attack — where you lose consciousness and either fall asleep or remain in a groggy daze. From my own diary where I detail attacks, here is an incident of when I was hit with such an attack: “Towards end of day, felt pressure on head and zaps; eyes became very blurry — hard to see TV (eyes became red).” At this time, I felt like I would fall asleep even though it was not close to bedtime and I was not feeling sleepy beforehand. In these cases, I use a bike helmet and have taped sheet lead on top of it.

I get the lead from Amazon. This is the brand I use.

It is 1/32" thick, soft (you can bend it, and cut it with scissors). It offers more protection than the Shieldwear cap. I wear it when I get serious pressure on my head, blurry eyes from a DEW attack. The helmet was some generic helmet I found at Target. A relatively flat bike helmet is better than a round/curved one as you can curve the lead easier on it and it is more likely to stay in place with tape.

I should mention that while the helmet does help, when the knockout attack comes, I have had times when it can go through the helmet. But perfection is not the goal; and perfection is the enemy of good. It’s a good defensive tool to have when you need it.

A beauty, isn’t it?? :)

You can see it in the pic above. It’s a basic bike helmet (Bell) I got at Target. We’re looking at the front. You are seeing the sheet lead bent and taped to the helmet. It’s not the nicest looking but I wear it when I’m at home, so there’s no one else to see. The sheet lead bends well enough, you only need 3 pieces: one for each side and then a separate section covering the front.

#2 — Body Wear (shielding your body)

(shields against DEW attacks: whether “sharp” and you feel the zap, or “subtle”- you don’t feel it gradually become more fatigued)

Body wear for TI’s is where you can go wrong. There are a lot of clothing products sold to “block EMF” and my experience is many of them do not work. I believe the problem has to do with most anti-EMF clothing has metal sewn into the fabric. Metal doesn’t just block electric frequencies; it conducts them as well. This means that if your calf is being targeted, for example, anti-EMF pants will blunt concentrated attacks on it, but will also transmit that currency throughout your legs. What I’ve experienced is generalized fatigue as a result. I believe the best EMF shielding does not touch the body in any way; and has material that works against conductivity (ie: lead rubber).

I’ve tested extensively the following anti-EMF clothing: Silverell hoodie (made with silver), as well as 4EHS jacket and pants (made with Shieldon- made with 29% metal fibers). I did not have great results with either- and had the generalized fatigue I described earlier.

However, one form of body shielding which has worked reliably is the lead dental apron/vest. You can use the apron in so many ways!

2A- Lead Apron (Versatile Shielding- night or day)

(October 2018 UPDATE: While the Lead Apron is still useful as an all-purpose, versatile shielding solution against DEW, I personally use it less now that I have a full set of wearable DEW shielding apparel I use- listed at the top of this guide- especially the more wearable lightweight Xenolite vest. But the generic dental lead apron still has use; and I still use it in various ways. The text below also explains the virtue of lead rubber — which is also what the wearable shielding I recommend uses; and discusses the TI symptoms without such shielding — which you may find useful)

Here is the lead apron I use most often; it’s on Amazon:

It’s by flow dental. It’s 7.9 lbs- which I find is not too heavy to wear around the home. It has the equivalent of 0.5mm PB (lead) protection. Lead aprons use “lead rubber” — this is a special substance that has the EMF shielding properties of lead but unlike metal, rubber prevents or reduces conductivity of that electricity. This is superior to the EMF clothing I mentioned earlier because when you are close to the shielding, you don’t want to the shielding material to conduct the electricity to your body, even if separated by a layer or two of clothes.

What happens to many TI’s is that they are targeted with DEW in their midsection, abdomen, chest because that’s where all the organs are. You may feel a general fatigue, a feeling of “I’m not well” but you don’t know why; you aren’t feeling “pain” per-se in any particular part. Often this groggy unwell feeling is coming from generalized DEW targeting of your mid-section. By subjecting your organs to directed energy, you just generally feel unwell, weak, and tired. Sometimes you feel that it takes more energy to breathe. Your lungs, heart, liver, kidney, stomach, colon can all be attacked with DEW. Wearing the Flow Dental vest stops these attacks; at least I’ve found in my case. (Update: wearing lead rubber, whether a dental apron, or a medical vest etc. will provide the same result, stopping DEW).

In some cases, the DEW is more targeted (rather than generalized)- in which case you feel sharp pinches or zaps. The apron should stop these as well. I should point out, this apron is frontal-only; there is minimal back protection. If you get DEW’d in your lower back (as they often do to create back pain), you may want to consider a dental or medical apron with complete coverage (back and front).

You can wear this apron around the home. (Update: note, if you are with other people, it’s hard to pull that off. See my wearable suggestion at the top with the Xenolite lightweight medical vest). You can use the vests in multiple ways. For example, when sitting, sometimes I wear one and drape another over my thighs; or I wear it around the waist, so it covers my entire legs (Nov 2018 update: I still use my Dental Apron this way even though I use wearable because by day, I usually don’t use wearable leg shielding as it’s cumbersome walking around). If you’re laying down on my couch to read, you can place it length-wise over me to cover most of your body.

Wearing the Lead Apron During Sleep

(Update Nov 2018: Please note, I recommend wearable lead shielding to the dental apron as described at the top of the article, but the section below still has useful descriptions of how sleep shielding works).

Probably the most important use of the lead shielding is when I sleep. I find the perps really weaken me when I sleep; I wake up sore everywhere and my muscles are tight (as if they are constantly being flexed)- as you can imagine constant tension in the muscles contributes to fatigue. It took me a few years to realize that this growing muscle pain and fatigue I had was artificially created, not a genuine medical illness. I found out because as a test I covered my forearm with a lead sheet and found that my forearm stiffness gradually dissipated. I soon found the lead apron could protect me in a similar way, but be manageable to wear for my whole body.

Wearing the lead shielding at night has made a world of difference. My body feels more rested when I wake. No mid-section discomfort; less fatigue on my thighs and forearms.

Shielding while Driving

(Update: I now use the Xenolite wearable vest when driving; but I continue to use the Lead Apron across my legs when driving).

Over time, I noticed that it was hard for me to drive long distances. I would become fatigued to the point that after driving one hour, I would have to rest for four hours wherever I drove to. I would have to pull over half an hour in and use the restroom which never happened before. I avoided driving at all costs.

Then I tried wearing the apron when I drove- and it was a major difference. I no longer felt mid-section discomfort; I didn’t have to stop and use the restroom. My legs in particular felt preserved when I draped the apron over my thighs and calves.

I’ve come to believe that they target us most when we’re out in the open. When we’re sitting outside or when we’re driving on a highway— there’s nothing between the satellite beaming this harmful EMF and you. This is why many TI’s believe you’re at greatest risk sitting next to the window as well. To my great surprise, I found that my driving fatigue was connected to my being targeted.

When I drive I wear a Xenolite lead vest and I drape a lead apron over my legs. It has made a major difference. I still am somewhat fatigued after the drive, but nowhere as bad as before. (another driving tip: keep the car in cruise control so you use your legs less; and if possible, keep your arms at the bottom of the wheel, so they are out of sight from the front window; I’ve found this preserves my arms which cannot be shielded as easily).

In summary, the dental apron is versatile and you can use it various ways. There is a large market for medical practitioners and patients, so the products are well-made; there are many options to choose from. They are designed so the shielding material doesn’t touch your body; there is fabric on either side and lead rubber in between. The lead is covered and contained; so there should be no lead exposure to the environment that could pose a hazard.

2B- Protect your Eyes

(shields against eye DEW attacks)

For mild eye targeting, I recommend wearing your sunglasses indoors. For stronger targeting, I recommend Xenolite’s lead radiation-protection glasses.

“You know who wears sunglasses inside? Blind people and assholes.” — Larry David on ‘Curb your Enthusiasm’

Add a third category: targeted individuals. I began to feel pressure on my eyes that seemed unnatural and came out of nowhere. There was no gradual worsening; it was just suddenly there was some pressure on my eyes, and acted like an irritant. I’ve had eye problems before esp. eye dryness and fatigue from looking at the computer screen too long- this was none of those things. And suspiciously, it would happen during the time I was targeted the most; from 6 PM on. It would be hard for me to keep my eyes open; reading a book or computer screen would be challenging. I would often get “red eyes” as a result.

What I found is that if I wore my sunglasses indoors, the pressure would be relieved. You can still use your computer (just turn up the brightness). The eye discomfort goes away. It appears that the targeting includes directed energy at your eyes; these people are sick, fortunately there are solutions to block their weapons.

When sunglasses are NOT enough, I recommend Xenolite’s lead radiation-shielding glasses. These work very well.

I was watching the Women’s Finals in the US Open (tennis) and had sharp pressure on my eyes. I put the Ultralite frame glasses on and the pressure that was giving me “red eyes” and making it hard to keep my eyes open went away. I own both the Ultralite and the Maxi glases; I slightly prefer the Ultralite because the lenses are larger- both they both are good and do the job.

These glasses offer 0.75 mm lead equivalent protection (recall that the shielding we recommend for body protection is 0.3 to 0.5; so this is quite high). The glasses are made with SCHOTT radiation-protection glass (click here to read about it). Whatever frequency they are using for DEW (my research suggests it is mostly 6–50 GHz), it cannot pass through this material.

3- Sleeping Easy (how a TI can get a good night’s sleep despite acoustic attacks)

(Shielding against sleep disruption and microwave auditory attacks at night. I have only tested this with acoustic attacks; ie: artificial “projected sound”, not V2K voices)

Perps like to keep TI’s up at night. When you don’t get a good night’s sleep, you are more susceptible to their acoustic attacks, voices/subliminal speech; more intimidated by their gang-stalking. If their goal is to neutralize TI’s, make us ineffective and sideline us, sleep-deprivation is a key way to achieve this. Lack of sleep can exhaust a TI or lead some to become manic. Many TI’s report they are harassed (sometimes exclusively) at night — when they are about to sleep and during sleep.

I already discussed using lead aprons to protect your body. But many TI’s deal with acoustic attacks- artificial high-pitched sounds delivered via microwave frequency. How do you sleep with the constant noise? My primary solution to this is what I call a head-tent. The tent goes over your head when you sleep; you lay on your pillows and the head tent goes overhead, covering your head on all sides.

You might think this would be claustrophobic. But I’ve had no problem with it. Remember, when you sleep, it is dark- you cannot see anything including the head-tent. The way the head tent works is that it is a basic small table covered by thick sheet lead. You might remember for the helmet, I used 1/32" lead; here we will use 1/8" lead- 4x thicker.

Below you will see a picture of the basic head-tent.

The basic head-tent consists of:

So you can see from the picture how this would work. The table sits on your bed. Your pillow and head go under. There should be no problem; you can breathe fine. The sheet lead is taped with duct tape so there is no lead exposure. I took one lead sheet (4 feet X 1 foot) and used it to wrap around the middle of the table; it covers the top and the sides. I took one additional lead sheet and curved it around the back. That’s basically it. The sheet lead, despite being thick, is soft so you can bend it with your hands.

Regarding the 2nd lead sheet in the back, it is propped up on two small boxes so it can sit higher. The reason is I believe most of the frequencies are projected by satellite; they will likely be coming downward. Therefore it’s better for it to block from back and above. I’ve noticed some improvement in sound dampening as a result of this change (from propping the back lead sheet up).

I think you’ll find the microwave sound is significantly dampened by this basic setup. You may still hear it but it will be fainter. This head-tent also is better at head shielding than the Shield cap or beanie; so you can worry less about subliminal V2K, projected images, and the standard mind games perps play. (Important Reminder: I have not tested this for V2K voices and do not know if it will work for that.)

Now that was the basic head-tent. I have two more improvements for an advanced head-tent. One, add lead dental aprons to cover open areas and block the front (but still be soft enough that you can put your head through it). Two, add Mu-Metal perfection annealed sheets to block magnetic fields.

Head-Tent Addition 1: Lead Aprons (full coverage for shielding)

Regarding the dental aprons, here is what the tent looks like with them added:

What I’ve done is drape three lead aprons (using the Flow Dental lead apron) to cover the areas the lead sheet doesn’t shield. The aprons provide 0.5mm pb protection on the front, but you can lift it and put your head through. With this addition, the perp’s TI acoustic attack should be muffled significantly. You have protection everywhere around your head- you’ve put a barrier between their frequency and your head- which is their target for triggering the microwave hearing effect.

Head-Tent Addition 2: Mu-Metal (magnetic shielding)

A second addition is Mu-Metal. Electromagnetic frequencies consist of both an electric field and a magnetic field. Most metal cannot shield from magnetic fields, only electric fields.

Mu-metal is a nickel–iron soft ferromagnetic alloy and is listed as one of the few ways to shield magnetic fields as per Wikipedia on “Electromagnetic Shielding”:

“For static or slowly varying magnetic fields (below about 100 kHz) the Faraday shielding described above is ineffective. In these cases shields made of high magnetic permeability metal alloys can be used, such as sheets of permalloy and mu-metal or with nanocrystalline grain structure ferromagnetic metal coatings. These materials don’t block the magnetic field, as with electric shielding, but rather draw the field into themselves, providing a path for the magnetic field lines around the shielded volume.”

Mu-metal comes highly recommended by a top TI shielding site- CounterTruth.

[Mu-Metal] is my go-to shielding material. I recommend this above ALL other things. I know this material is prohibitively costly, but it will provide you with the relief you’re seeking if you use it correctly, and it will save you time and disappointment as you cycle through other costly materials that don’t provide the relief you seek. I tell you this to save you all the time and money that I wasted on other materials, namely ceramics and rubber.

I’ve found that the ‘sheet-lead head tent’ + ‘lead aprons’ alone blocks much of the sound and other remote mind harassment techniques; however Mu-Metal provides another level of protection. Mind manipulation likely involves precise operations to a TI’s head (for example, beaming an image into a specific region in your visual cortex); so even if shielding cannot block entirely that frequency, it alters it enough for that effort to fail. However, “brute force” techniques towards the head such as DEW to cause headaches may be able to get through; and so may attacks which make use of the magnetic field properties of the EMF pulse. For one day, I removed my Mu-Metal from the head tent, and found when I was sleeping under it, that I occasionally got headaches (which I rarely get unless produced from an external source). Putting the Mu-Metal back removed those headaches almost immediately. Also without the Mu-Metal, I sometimes feel a buzzing sensation on my head. It doesn’t cause pain or seemingly have other effects but it is distracting- and it disappears with Mu-Metal.

I bought my Mu-Metal from Magnetic-Shielding (although many others sell it). Per the recommendation by CounterTruth, I purchased “perfection annealed” (hydrogen annealed) Mu-Metal; it is purchased by the foot. I specifically ordered: 12 feet of perfection annealed MU006–8. The “6” represents 0.006 inches thick. And the “8” represents 8 inches wide. I had no scientific basis for the 0.006" thickness choice; I thought I would experiment with it and see. You can always buy more sheets and attach them to each other to get cumulative thickness . The thickness offered for perfection annealed mu-metal from Magnetic Shielding are from 0.002" to 0.012".

For perfection annealed mu-metal, they only take orders over the phone (not on the website). I should point out that mu-metal is fairly expensive.

Once you receive the Mu-metal, I recommend you cut it into sheets that match the height/width dimensions of your head tent. Then tape the edges of the Mu-metal because although they don’t seem sharp, they are. Having them exposed near you at night could mean cutting yourself. After this, I place the mu-metal sheets in four places with my head-tent: left, right, top, and back. Here is what a perfection annealed mu-metal sheet looks like after I’ve cut it to size and taped the edges:

You can see that I’ve taped two Mu-metal sheets together; each are 8 inches in width. This is so it fully covers the side of the head-tent which is approximately 16 inches in width.

Regarding adding the mu-metal to the head-tent, I just leave it there un-taped and unaffixed. The reason is that mu-metal loses some shielding properties if it bends. So I don’t want to bend it while affixing it; and I want to be able to move it out of the way when I clean the head tent. If it’s permanently attached to the tent, it may get bent in the process.

Some final non-shielding notes for TI’s trying to get a good night’s sleep:

  • MP3 Player: I recommend a MP3 player and an MP3 recording featuring white noise. There are many of each to choose from. I used this one- Kingtop MP3 player- from Amazon ($30). I prefer the MP3 player to using my cell phone as I’ve had issues with the cell phone. If it rings, you’ll hear that too; same with notifications. Some of these can interrupt the music. Also I heard some odd high-pitched tone interwoven into the ‘white noise’ music on my phone. Not clear how it got there. I do believe my phone has been hacked in the past in conjunction with my targeting and foul-play is a possibility. The MP3 player is just a safer bet. I also recommend using headphones as it seems perpetrators can dynamically increase the “volume” on your microwave sound attackif you boost external audio. I’m not sure how their technology works but in my case the artificial “car alarm” sound would get progressively louder if I used a white-noise generator (which produces sound through a speaker) versus the white noise via headphones. You can listen to white noise via your MP3 player on repeat for the duration of the night. Whatever microwave sound sneaks past your head tent, it will be muffled by that white noise.
  • Use Sleep Headphones: You can connect your MP3 player (or phone) to sleep headphones, which are soft and let you sleep on them (meaning with your ear to the pillow) without discomfort. These are the ones I use from Amazon- CozyPhones. They’re about $20. They fit around your head and stay in place. Unlike earbuds they won’t fall out. And unlike pretty much any other headphones, they won’t feel awkward when you sleep on your side (with your ear against the pillow) or if you change position when sleeping.
  • Humidifier: Given that the head tent blocks off the rest of the room, for the most part, if you have a larger humidifier, you may not benefit from it as your head is blocked off. My recommendation? This little cactus humidifier you can buy on Amazon. It looks like a little cactus and emits a mist. Just put it in the corner of your head tent and it should humidify that area. (Remember to clean the inside of your head tent regularly; I use Lysol anti-bacterial spray- especially true if you use the humidifier).
  • Sleep on side: I found sleeping on my side worked well. At any given point in time, the projected sound would come from a certain direction. I could gauge by holding a lead sheet to my head and wherever it blocked the sound best was the direction it was coming from. Though this location (likely satellite based) changes over time, I found it stayed constant for weeks/months at a time. In my case, I was initially hit on the left side of my head, so I would lay with my left head face down on the pillow. Over the course of six months, I had to go from left to right back to left (as the location of the targeting origin changed); so there was a constancy for about 2 months at a time in terms of where I was targeted.
  • Thin Lead Sheet: At peak acoustic targeting, in addition to the head tent, I needed a separate 1/32" lead sheet, placed in a pillow cover, laying on top of the temple of my head. Or I would bend it to form an overall cover for my head and lay it covering my head while I slept on my side. This was a final barrier to blunt the microwave sound. Even at peak acoustic attack- with the tent, mp3 player, and final lead sheet- I was able to fall asleep.
  • Sleep meds: When I was first hit with the acoustic attack, I was not prepared and did not have a head tent. It took a while to get all the materials, test different configurations, assemble it and get it working. I don’t recommend strong sleep medication long-term but in the short-term sleep meds can help. I used over the counter melatonin (1g or less is fine; most melatonin bottles offer 5g or more which I think is overkill, for me at least). Your doctor could recommend prescription sleep medications if you feel you need them.
  • Pre-Sleep: OK, this is shielding related but it’s what you do before you go to sleep. I find sometimes perps agitate me before I go to sleep. They seem to energize my mind and body an hour or so I’m set to get ready for sleep. I believe the targets are the head (where they can excite your thought process, trigger emotions like excitement) and the heart or possibly lungs (which they can possibly speed up; heartbeat or breathing). I find that wearing my Shield cap and my lead apron/vest in the hour before I sleep is important to preventing this. I don’t always wear the vest but if I feel that ‘energetic’ feeling they’re using to make it harder to sleep, I’ll wear it.

4- Some Final Shielding Thoughts

  • Remember to Use It: It’s important to remember to wear your shielding gear. If you work from home or are retired, you can wear your lead apron all day long at home. I will take it off, for example, when I get food delivered by Caviar; I wouldn’t want the delivery person thinking I’m doing some dangerous self-dentistry after all! After I’m finished eating, I’m getting better at remembering to put it back on. If you’re being hit with DEW, there’s a chance it’s not only ‘occasional zapping’ but chronic & subtle; which means that if you’re not feeling painful zaps that doesn’t mean you’re not being hit. There’s also a DEW mode which is slow and steady, imperceptible in many cases, but takes a toll over time. If you feel better with the lead apron, it may mean its blocking stuff that your body only feels cumulatively and is very real.
  • Find what works for you: Every TI is attacked in different ways. The techniques I’ve applied were meant to address my symptoms: mainly acoustic attacks (including when sleeping), subtle DEW that wears away my muscles over time, mental attacks (subliminal V2K and related). If you’re symptoms are different, you may find different strategies and shielding materials work better. For example, CounterTruth recommends rubber for shielding if you regularly get a “knock-out” type attack (though I rarely get these, one recent time I did, I used rubber on top of my shielding helmet and it worked).
  • For knock-out type attacks, where the frequency is being used to knock you unconscious, rubber works. I’ve used this natural rubber mat from Salinka. I have a few of them and I put them over my head or over my sheet-lead helmet when that attack comes. (because I face this attack rarely I haven’t developed a more elegant solution; but if you do, you could think about cutting the rubber, affixing it to a helmet - for example).

Good luck!

(the end)

Experimental Section and Footnotes

NOT required reading.

If you’re reading this far, and interested in miscellaneous notes, credits, and some things I am experimenting with…..

Other Shielding I use but less often

  • Gloves: Silver gloves from LessEMF. Seem to work reasonably well. I was able to type while wearing these. Which was not the case with plastic lead gloves such as from SchureMed. I don’t know why I don’t use these more. In the past, my fingers/hand were hit more, but it’s less these days. If they’re targeted more, I will certainly use them. I also have the Silverell gloves which also work (though slightly less well than the LessEMF gloves). One thing is I get zapped in my hands when I’m typing stuff like this :) so I’m going to go fetch my LessEMF gloves if I can find them!
  • Socks: from LessEMF. Have not really used. Don’t have feet problems.

Shielding that Does Not Seem to Work

  • Lead cap (like surgeons wear) — did not work for anything. A bit surprised that it worked less well than the ShieldWear cap. It has 0.050 pb MM — that may explain why. That is 10x less than that of the lead apron.
  • 4EHS Jacket and Pants — suffers from flaw I outlined earlier; metal fabric that touches your skin or only separated by a layer of clothes seems to spread the current across your body. The result is generalized fatigue across your body (wherever the clothing reaches).
  • Silverell Hoodie — see flaw of 4EHS above. In contrast, I find the lead rubber (in the dental apron) seems to do less conducting and more blocking.


  • CounterTruth— Has such terrific information on shielding materials for TI’s. Both scientific information and also real-world testing of what works and doesn’t. The founder is also a good guy who answered several questions I had about the different shielding materials.
  • Other TIs- We’re all figuring this out together. Conversations I have with TI’s helps me fill the gaps and connect the dots. In addition, what I’ve applied above is taking bits and pieces from countless TI blogs; from people who struggled but still had the resourcefulness to share their knowledge online.