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Mar 1, 2016 · 7 min read

A few months ago I first got introduced to Source Market through Alex Becker’s SEO course called Source University. If both these terms are completely new to you, don’t worry as my aim is to give you all the information you need to move forward with whatever SEO project your busy with via my Source Market review.

Quick intro about me

Unlike some internet / SEO celebrities like Alex Becker (the creator of SM) I don’t want everyone to know my name and choose to stay anonymous. Let’s just say I’m a guy that’s been fiddling around the internet and the internet marketing scene for many years. Early 2015 I got laid off from work and decided that SEO would be one of the ways, my primary method in fact, how I make my income. Before all this happened I knew of SEO but never took the time to really understand it and the powerful results it can give you. Fast forward I enrolled into Alex Becker’s Source University course, learned a lot about SEO, failed a lot and got to the point where I can get solid SEO results. Enough about me, let’s get back to the rest of the post…

What is Source Market all about?

Source Market is an online market place, mainly for SEO’s, where anyone can purchase SEO related services. This online market place is the brain child of Alex Becker from Source Wave Marketing, an online community for beginner and intermediate SEO’s. Within a matter of months Source Market has grown to be one of the most popular market places online for SEO services.

I mean you can find basically any SEO related service on there (I’ll mention a few of my personal favorites below). Service you can find on Source Market include: PBN domains, PBN set up, Press releases, High DA Backlinks, Expired Tumblrs, Expired Weebly’s, keyword research, Wikipedia link & page creation, content / article writing, YouTube SEO, Social signals and a few other lesser known gigs.

Over the last 6 months almost every SEO that has a blog has referenced Source Market and it’s also well known within the SEO Facebook groups. It’s actually so well one within the Facebook groups that most groups have banned members from posting affiliate links to the market place…

So by definition Alex Becker used he’s massive following on Source Wave (he claims to have hundreds of thousands of email subscribers) to grow and build Source Market, which was an insanely good idea if you ask me. Here’s a video of him explaining what the market is all about…

To skip the rest of my review and to go directly to Source Market click here.

What I like about Source Market

Let’s face it, if you’ve been around the internet marketing scene for long enough you’ll know that not any market place / website or product is without its negatives. It is my belief though that Source Market has a lot more positives than negatives. Sure if you’re going to click through my affiliate link then I’ll make a small commission if you buy something, but just hear me out for a second and I might be able to convince you of its worth.

Source Market benefits

· It’s the only competitive online market place with so many SEO related services off which a lot of them are actually good, useful and effective.

· The market place is easy to navigate and have similar functions to Fiverr.

· It can be an all in one solution: if you’re the kind of person that likes to outsource a lot of the moving parts when it comes to SEO, chances are you’ll find 90% of what you need at Source Market.

· It’s endorsed by Alex Becker, someone who at least knows SEO and is an actual internet millionaire. I’m not saying that he personally tests every gig on there but you get my point.

· Prices of service are very competitive and besides a few gigs, very affordable in general.

· You can leverage Source Market to make money yourself (more on that later).

· Exclusivity: you’ll find specific services on Source Market that aren’t listed anywhere else on the internet or at least you don’t know are listed anywhere else.

· You have to register to purchase gigs and see gig prices but don’t get spammed afterwards with more SEO offers.

· It’s good for new and skilled SEO’s — so in essence has something for everyone.

Source Market vs Fiverr

Without a doubt, when it comes to ordering some kind of backlink package chances are I would probably choose Source Market over Fiverr. Fiverr has really been downgraded over the past few years especially with regards to SEO gigs. You’ll hear SEO’s say “You can’t rank a website with Fiverr SEO”… It just feels to me that the quality of work being done of Fiverr is nowhere near some of the gigs on Source Market. I mean you’re paying someone $5 for a service; it really isn’t that much money and you can’t expect to see real results. Now obviously Fiverr can still be very useful with regards to gigs like logo design but for SEO I prefer Source Market.

Fiverr is obviously a bigger and more general market place that serves other sectors besides SEO, whereas Source Market focuses solely on providing SEO services.

Making money with Source Market

Let me be completely clear before starting this section: I have not yet made any money through selling a service on Source Market. In fact I haven’t even tried yet. That being said you could imagine that a lot of people are making a nice chunk of money from this market place and have come forward claiming so.

You can probably imagine for yourself that if you had a quality, one of a kind SEO service to offer and put that service in front of hundreds of people that are actively looking for SEO services that you’ll make money.

A great video I watched recently that gives you an in depth review of how to make money with SM and some great tips is this one from Franklin Hatchet (the owner of Online Dimes) below:

Source Market strategies how to make $50-$150 daily

Just before I decided to publish this post I bumped into a Udemy course offering to teach you how to make between $50-$150 per day on Source Market. I haven’t purchased or tried the course myself but thought it would be a great addition to this post. You can find the “Source Market strategies how to make $50-$150 daily” course on Udemy here:

My favorite & interesting Source Market gigs

I have to confess: I’m a big control freak when it comes to doing SEO. I’ve adopted a mix approach of white / grey / black hat. Personally I want to control as much of each link or part of an SEO campaign as much possible. That’s just how I operate but I do outsource certain parts of my SEO campaigns and every situation calls for a different approach. Different SEO’s use different approaches and as the saying goes “There are many different ways to skin a cat”. So without further delay here are some of my favorite gigs on Source Market and some gigs that I think you’ll find interesting. See the images below, alternatively you could simply visit Source Market yourself and scroll through the weekly best seller section here.

Gigs to stay away from

Like I mentioned in previous sections not every gig on Source Market is great. You can imagine the cost and effort it would mean for Alex Becker and his team to individually review each and every seller. The effect would probably be devastating for the market in general. This list might grow over time but for now there’s one sketchy gig that I want to advise you to think twice about before ordering.

These sellers claim to guarantee you a specific level of AdSense income with the websites you buy from them. Personally I would not buy gigs from them, as I’ve learned the saying “if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t” fits perfectly when it comes to internet marketing.

Authority AdSense Websites

Final Words

Source Market is great, sometimes when I have time on my hands I just browse through the gigs to see what are trending and if there’s anything interesting being offered. If you liked my review or have any question about Source Market please comment below — I’ll try to answer them as best I can.

I’ve also done a comparison on SEMrush and MOZ while showing some of my personal techniques at my SEMrush vs MOZ post and you can read about Source Market alternatives here.


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