Expertise or Experience: The story of changing world

One of my close friend is really good in graphic designing and so creative in presenting ideas on a powerpoint slide. Interestingly she done engineering in both bachelors and masters, not visual designing or multimedia studies. Having these kind of skills + sound technical knowledge in our kind of work is like going to a latin american party with good Salsa skills, limelight guaranteed. I asked her where did she learned these skills. I expected an answer like youtube videos, other online tutorials or previous internships. She told me that her brother taught all these skills. Quickly she searched his name in the facebook and showed his picture. What I saw was a picture of 14 year old small kid. She explained about the skills of her little brother in Adobe photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Office tools and coding, I understood this guy is good (I mean really good) in computer things and he spends his free time building some quality products on internet. At his age my priorities were different, of course times were different and the most technical thing i did during my free time might be changing bulbs in my living room.

What I learnt from him is that our times are changing faster and faster that we really need to redefine the meaning of the word ‘experience’ and evaluating people’s ability of doing quality work in terms of age are less likely to be in the right in the future. Being young means you are relatively new to the field and it also means you can easily adapt to the latest developments in the field. Fast changing tech industry is a good example. Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook all became successful global corporations before the 30th birthday of their founders. That means these young minds could solve the problems that 20 or 30 year work experienced guys in the industry couldn’t.

Finally two things 1. World is moving towards more age-neutral, 2. Updating yourself to the fast changing world is an important skill.