Why Steve Jobs wore the same outfit every day
Mitchell Harper

Hmmm… We’re all entitled to our opinions etc. But one of the wonderful things about man is our ability to make choices and decisions. To deprive ourselves of that ability is to deprive ourselves of the unexpected joys and experiences we can have. Anyone can live life like an automaton, and if that is their choice (decision), that’s fine. But I fear that when the Grim Reaper comes knocking, that person may have regrets, wondering “What If?” …. “If Only I’d…”. You’re a long time buried, so my take is make as many decisions as you wish to fulfill your life in your own way. For example, speaking for myself, Ive packed in a well paid job, put my possessions into storage, rented out my home in order to live simply and travel full time. I pity some of the “start-up entrepreneurs” who maybe dont/won’t know another path, blinded by ‘efficiency’, ‘quarterly profits’ etc. in their world. They would be perfectly entitled to comment that my lifestyle choice is perhaps not so wise.. But you know what? I’m free and happy.. It’s the best decision I ever made.

To decide to not decide seems like a symptom of emotive fear. It is human nature to explore our minds and environments, risk taking throughout life in all its forms, and risk taking (decision making) is a pre-requisite for discovery, surely? Don’t miss out on life my friend.