What are people really working on in coffee shops?
Tom Mitchell

I prefer to frequent the mom and pop coffee shops and when I find one that I like, I do bring my laptop and write.

Generally, my first few visits are just for coffee and ambiance, then I’ll try some food. By the time I’m bringing my laptop, I’ll just get a coffee, work a couple hours, get lunch and a refill and either work a bit more or leave.

With writing, for me it depends. Creative writing ie: poetry or script writing; I can’t force it, if it doesn’t come naturally it’s a stalemate between the blank screen and my mind. I do have other remote work that I can do if that’s the case.

What I like most about working out of a coffee shop is the white noise. At home, I’m too easily distracted. There, I can block out the people and humdrum conversation most of the time and it helps me concentrate on my own endeavors.

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