Pre-existing condition
J. Boyce Gleason

This hits home hard for me as I haven’t had health insurance since 1996 and have lived “at best” paycheck to paycheck while trying to follow my dreams. My nemesis is 2-fold, I’m single so my finances are solely my own and I’ve had ulcerative colitis since August 23rd, 1992.

The latter has prevented me from being able to work full time. I’ve been “let go” from many jobs prior to working in my chosen career field for tardiness, taking frequent bathroom breaks etc… These are things that I have zero control over.

I had nearly died from uc in early 1998 because the meds weren’t working and Dr’s had no idea what to do. My condition is too severe for a simple surgery, and unless your colon ruptures, no one is going to perform a complicated surgery on someone that is uninsured.

Fortunately homeopathy saved my life and got me into a 14 year remission, but I’ve never been able to afford health insurance as uc is of course a pre-existing condition (and an expensive one).

Last year, it flared up severely and to this day continues. So severe, that I required emergency hospitalization and have since been hospitalized 2 additional times (once for as long as 2 weeks) and the day they released me I was as sick as I was when they admitted me. There truly is no more “care” in health care. Again, the meds didn’t work, and the only other option is chemo which ranges between $11k — $14k/mo without insurance. (Remicade etc…). Plus of course no guarantees it’ll work.

Having used up any savings that I had accrued on seeing a gastroenterologist multiple times and paying for meds and other things; and since I have not been able to work as of June of 2016, there is nothing left for me to be able to go see my homeopathist and try to get well again.

Health insurance is expensive when it’s provided through your company; even more if you have to get it on your own for freelancers such as myself, and (unless you’re fortunate to be independently wealthy) impossible if you have a pre-existing condition.

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