An Open Letter To Republican Candidates

Dear Lower Tier Republican Candidates:

This election is important. It’s important because we are drowning in debt. It’s important because the world is in danger. It’s important because if we don’t repeal Obamacare soon we never will. It’s important because we need to stop executive actions that legalize illegal aliens. It’s important because the next president may appoint as many as four new Supreme Court Justices, drastically realigning it towards the liberals.

And you knew this election was important. That’s why you are running. Collectively, you are the most talented, most principled, most conservative crop of candidates we’ve had in a generation, maybe longer. And this was going to be a debate of ideas, a thoughtful discussion in which you all put forth why you are most equipped to lead a new conservative movements.

But along the way something went wrong. A celebrity populist rose and stole your thunder. I don’t know why he is rising. But there he is, and it’s not August anymore, it’s October, it’s almost November, and he’s still leading the polls, with 20%, with 30%. He’s a danger to our party, you know. He’s a danger to conservatives. The rhetoric he’s injected into the campaign has sullied us all. The longer he stays in the lead the worse the damage, even if he doesn’t win the nomination. The only way we beat him is by narrowing the field and showing a clear alternative.

If you are polling at 3% or lower you know you are lower tier. You have seen your polling numbers slip, your fundraising is dry up. Yet you stay in, hoping to catch a last minute wave and win Iowa or New Hampshire, or at least put yourself in the running. And one or two of you may. You may suddenly shoot up, like Mike Huckabee did in 2008 or Rick Santorum in 2012. And you may have that outside chance of maybe, maybe, winning it all. But is it worth the chance? Is it worth risking the Democrats winning, just because you have a 1% chance? If you love America, it’s not worth it.

Jeb Bush: you are an honorable man. You were a great governor of Florida and I’m a huge fan of your big brother Dubya. But you too are a lower tier candidate. Sure, you’re still polling at 7% or so, but you won’t get back the voters you’ve lost over past 10 months, and you won’t win a single primary. Your presence in the race is causing irrational paranoia and can harm our chances of winning. Why not exit the race gracefully? You can make it look selfless, for the good of the country. I’m sure Marco Rubio would glad to appoint you to a choice cabinet position if he wins. But if you wait too long you may burn your bridges with him.

A special mention to Ben Carson. This post is not really directed at you. You are on top of the polls in Iowa and you’ve raised the most money. You are a top tier candidate. Behave as such, or go home. That means no book tours, that means do your homework and be informed on the issues.

Our country is at a crossroads. This is a cliched statement, but it is true. We can continue on the liberal path, with executive actions and a feckless foreign policy, or we can pull back to the right. For the good of the party- no, for the good of the country: I’m begging you all, all of the lower tier candidates: please clear the field. Please end your campaigns. It’s up to you if you choose to endorse a candidate or leave it up to the people. But if you do endorse, please take a look why I feel Marco Rubio is the person to back.