City that doesn’t have traffic, is that one city

This, my people, is Ibadan

So my mates are busy travelling to New York and Dubai for holiday and me, where did I go? I went to Ibadan, Oyo state. This economy has hit me hard o. Anyways here is a rundown of my trip.

I will give a day to day gist but if you are too lazy, here’s the summary of Ibadan from what I found.

  1. No, it’s not a village.
  2. They speak English, maybe even more than in Lagos.
  3. There’s actually traffic, mostly traffic light but that’s the same thing with Lagos(well Surulere). The roads are wide and undulating.
  4. The drivers are mad! Actual mental issues.
  5. Police is your friend?
  6. There is a lot of fun to be had.
  7. Accomodation is cheap and transportation too. Mehn transportation is cheap.
  8. Food is kind of cheap but mostly lame, except one particular place in Ring road with lit Jollof rice.
  9. Go to Palms. It’s huge.
  10. Go to Agodi gardens, it’s chilled
  11. Don’t ask the people for directions, they are the worst.
  12. Sun in Lagos is actually different from other places. It’s too damn hot mehn.


Left Lagos sometime around 3:30, no traffic anywhere on the road( I count myself pretty lucky cause the traffic I saw on the other side of the road ehn. Na die.) Got to Ibadan sometime around past 5, it’s my first time in the city so I know nothing about finding my way around. They drop me at somewhere called Challenge in front of A Tantaliser(didn’t realize they still existed). Called my cousin and he directed me to take an okada(I hate okada) to some other Tantaliser at some other place(Tantaliser is like pretty big in Ibadan, like how it was in Lagos before). Got there, waited to be picked up with like 5 couples on date (didn’t realise Tantaliser could be considered romantic especially as this particular one didn’t have light.) I got picked and went home. Came back out to get suya and indomie then later to go to the hospital. End day 1


Got picked up from home sometime around 12 and dropped somewhere called Sango. Plan was to get a cab(cabs are to Ibadan as danfo are to Lagos, like for real. They even drive like idiots) to Ui but I was holding 1k. Now I’m sceptical cause the fare is 30naira and in Lagos, me and my generation would have gotten cursed out but the driver i found had change!. Like actually told me not to worry and I entered. Spent most of the afteernoon in UI, got a tour around then i retired to the mall with my friend where I witnessed my first shoplifting. The guy was lynched. It was pretty late when we got back to UI and so I took an okada to Ring road(cost me 400naira, was on the okada for like 15 minutes, it was far mehn). Got to where the people taking me home where and apparently, there was an attempted theft on the car while they waited for me. Very questioning day for the crime rate in Ibadan.

End day 2.


Went out myself. Learning to find my way around was actually pretty simple. The trick is to find your way to Mokola roundabout, you can get to most places from there. Ask around too. Where everything else fails, take okada. If you know the name of the place, okada can take you there(or so I thought). Went to UI and on the way, this happened.

So police is your friend?

Anyways i toured Ui some more, cause it’s freaking huge and i have still not covered everywhere then i went to UCH. Thats the college hospital. It also dwarfs Luth. Everything just dwarfing Lagos. Passed. by Agodi gardens. Got home late. End day 3.


Movie night. The lack 3d in Ibadan sadly. I went to Ventura with my friend. It’s lit. Check out their arcade, it has a bowling alley, check out Latitude bar, it’s lit and check out Kabachi, cheap decent Chinese. Went to all these places. I went to a yogurt shop, they offer self service which is cool till they weigh what you ordered and give you bill. (Know any self service places in Lagos? Hit me up). End day 4.


Just took a drive round the city, saw some places my friend had told me about. Dropped by the cinema again and tried Kabachi’s shawarma, it was underwhelming(I have a full review on Kabachi). Ended the day in a bar that my cousin took me to. It was lit.

End Day 5.


Stayed in.

End Day 6

Monday and Tuesday

Was busy working throughout this period and my phone developed an unexpected problem so i start planning my return.

End Day 7 & 8


Remember what i said about okadas knowing the way? forget that. I went to wennovation on this day and it took 4 rides down the street to find it. No one seemed to know the building. Eventually got down and found my way on foot. Worked some more that afternoon and spent the evening meeting new people at UI. End Day 9


Left. All in all, it was lit! Will go back

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