I am in my feels right now…

Two main reasons for this. First of them, it has kind of become in my nature to be constantly in my feels. I feel I might be doing this growing up thing the wrong way. I prefer the old(younger)me, the old me was a hard guy, he didn’t believe in love and he didn’t hug people and I really thought I would remain that way forever. This me is just moist and he loves too many things and he is nice to people and he is weak and he will be hurt by these things he claims to love. The new me claims he is mature but in retrospect the old me is more mature, The old me was good in school, the new me knows failure. The old me wouldn’t cry for the things the new me would. The old me wrote non emotional raps, the new me… well the new me wrote this. So yea the new me is in his feels

The second reason, I am listening to Justin Beiber’s purpose which is basically just a remedy for disaster. The old me probably won’t even have been caught dead listening to Justin Beiber.

I am writing a book. I say the words more times than I do the act.

Two days ago I found where I wrote down my new year resolutions and so far so ‘I suck at things’. Finishing this ‘book’ is one of these resolutions but quite frankly I need to be pushed. I have bitten so many things and I am at the point where I need to chew. What I need is water to help me soften the food and help me chew.

I am not a particularly good writer, quite frankly I am not a good writer at all but this is something I have chosen to do and now I need help. So basically i am soliciting for help in whatever form.

A friend, an enemy, a critic or an editor.

Link to the first draft of the prologue

And my email because I like emails : Jayhem2isu@gmail.com

I need help you guys…

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