Virtual Reality and what not

You can’t possibly be on planet earth and not know about the advances in Virtual Reality, not with the sort of buzz it made in the year 2015. We had the oculus rift making perhaps the loudest and Google cardboard is probably the biggest idea of the last two years.

It’s weird to think that not too long ago, ideas of virtual reality could only be true in science fiction movies and books but guess what guys, it’s with us now and it is here to stay.

To be honest I am a little sceptical about it actually achieving the kind of commercial success that would be needed to make a thriving venture off it. It’s true that the experience is always exhilarating at first, the reactions on people’s faces the first time they try it out is forever priceless but after a while we get bored of it and want more (because we humans are insatiable ). The question is can we get more?

In the market now I think the best virtual reality experience you can get is that of the HTC hive because it allows you move about a restricted area, which is so much more than most others give you.

I am curious to see what the next year has in stock for us concerning virtual reality especially in the gaming world. I am not much of a gamer but trust that once a fully virtual game is made I will be jumping on the bandwagon (incase there is already one I don’t know of please rescue my ignorance )

If you are yet to try out the virtual reality world, it’s time you do and get with the times.

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