Bucket List: #1 Road Trip

This is by far the most spontaneous trip I’ve ever taken. All my trips have been carefully planned by mother in recent years. I’ve been all around the country and outside to other countries, but by air. After flying hundreds of times, there is no longer any true value in the experience. Now, at 23, I must try new things, take risks, and create adventures out of thin air. I do not take these precious young years I have for granted; 23, going on 24, I must act now, because later when life really begins to “display more barriers”, I may never see the same opportunity again.

I am not journeying West alone. My best friend is also tagging along with me to create great memories. This could also be considered a Bucket List event: traveling with a friend. I’ve been on many vacations, many, yet not one with a friend or friends. Sharing new life experience with a close friend has to be one of the most enjoyable experiences.

Currently we are passing through Nebraska, nearing our first destination. It is simply beautiful to me, in contrast to other’s belief, to see so much green and flat land. I truly admire nature and driving West has put light into my soul. Hundreds of buildings, large congested cities, loud noises, and lack of green (Mary Jane & Mother Nature), can drive me insane. I’m not running away from anything, if anything, I’m running towards something. That something…I have yet to find. But I will drive far enough West to find out.

I am glad we each stepped out of our comfort zone. Nothing grows from staying in your comfort zone, because the roots comprise of fear. And with fear as the main ingredient, there is very little possibility to take action.

Affirmation: “I will enjoy organic experiences outside of my comfort zone.”