Belize, Warm Sunny Beaches and Dangerous Jungles

I did more in Belize than I ever imagined

Belize has luscious jungles with a Central American flavor and Caribbean beaches with a Belizean Creole culture.

Belize is a country that can give you two different types of experiences in the same day.


Inland Belize provides a Central American culture rich with plant life, jungle predators, and adventure. Activities range from cave tubing to hiking abandoned Mayan Temples. One such temple is the Xunantunich. It served as a ceremonial cite in the Terminal Classic periods. At its peak it was home to nearly 200,000 people. Xunantunich can be visited through a tour guide or can be explored on your own, my suggestion is the latter.

Another grand adventure is to visit Actun Tunichil Muknal Mayan Cave (ATM Cave). The hike to the ATM Cave has tourists traverse three rushing rivers with only a rope that spans each of the rivers to hold onto. Once you have reached the entrance to ATM you have to dive into the water and swim into the cave. Once inside the cave visitors will swim and climb to get to an area that was used for sacrificing humans. The Mayans would take people into this cave and sacrifice them.

Inside ATM

There are still remains of human bones and skulls lying scattered in the sacrificial chamber.

If you are just looking to relax take a short drive to the Belize coast. The coast provides a relaxing getaway from the jungle with hotels, shopping, and swimming in the ocean. The food is also different than the beans, rice, fruits, and vegetable from central Belize. The food on the coast is mostly seafood inspired by a creole culture.

On the coast many young adults are seen swimming off the docks and coming up with oysters to shuck. For a small fee locals will sell you the fresh oysters. Shopping in St. Paul is another tourist hot spot. With local shops selling shirts, necklaces, purses, toys, and any other nick knack that one’s heart desires. Another popular activity is to swim with dolphins or go scuba diving off the coast of Belize. Or you can just relax on the beach with a Rum Punch, a famous drink in Belize, and swim in the clear water of the Caribbean.

Belize is a traveler’s dream local. The country lets you take an adventure in the jungle and then spoils you on the coast with drinks and relaxation. A must location to visit for any vacationer.

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